Aug 2, 2020
JacksonLerner -
a total 180;

a moody, depressive art achievement w/ spring-time feeling of calm upsetting the nervous wreck panic attack feeling lingering in the background

‘a hero’s death’ is what Fontaines D.C. will be known for: post-punk, although it’s a bit too much at times (being immersive as hell)
Aug 1, 2020*
JacksonLerner -
this came out on Valentine’s Day. it’s tennis’ most consistent album, and best music

production is even better than previously with patrick carney; it’s more intimate
Jul 31, 2020
JacksonLerner -
for dizzy’s sophomore release, it’s a continuation of their trademark dream pop sound of atmospheric indie pop. Amsterdam magic is in the hooks (@‘the magician’), and Katie Munshaw steadies the wave of success from their juno award winning debut

after a wedding like intro, the lyrics and orchestration of ‘ten’ sums up the feelings of this album: the words provide a poet’s soul with melody shining through the melancholy:

‘[Verse 1]
Called you ... read more
Jul 30, 2020*
JacksonLerner -
magnificent: might be year’s best production.

released ten days into the new decade, this is the first great record of its time; with a portishead type unconventionality (bad disease/but you). it ends with a seemingly true, poetic essence in its title track, and then everything starts over!

when one listens to this album in order, they realize that the emotions or aspects of a song had begun on the previous one! (Example, crying starts in track two rather than track three (crying all ... read more
Jul 29, 2020*
JacksonLerner -
a poetic statement solid as cement: complete with clever alliteration which correlates with numerological values. also, lana is an outstanding speaker, especially in the beginning.
Jul 29, 2020
JacksonLerner -
i can’t stop listening to this music. it’s on repeat and i still haven’t the slightest idea of understanding the calm, metaphysical, atmospheric, and foreign.

what’s great is that, in the background, there are TRAP bells and whistles that are both literal and metaphorical. (on track Rémora) this reminds me of a french, peaceful FKAtwigs
Jul 29, 2020
JacksonLerner -
spoon create ‘inside out’ and ‘do you’; some objectively perfect career highlights which cement ‘they want my soul’ as their best work. spoon’s most consistent album is a timeless production achievement in its own right from dave sitek: it sounds impressively futuristic

i feel that this album, along with its title track, are some of the most underrated art of the 2010s

the worst song may be ‘outlier’, which also happens to be one of the ... read more
Jul 28, 2020
JacksonLerner -
at one point - any point - of any song, it suddenly CLICKS (ex: green papaya); and you understand the masterpiece material (listen to her cover of Radiohead’s ‘weird fishes’)

it’s a half decade built journey of courage and a newborn butterfly
Jul 28, 2020
JacksonLerner -
the best film soundtrack i’ve ever heard
Jul 27, 2020*
JacksonLerner -
what makes this album sound insanely good is the delivery. (also the mixing is insane) this, truly, is a rock album (epitome: ‘temple’, or track two: ‘rock city’)

‘wait for me’ is the most accessible part on Kings of Leon’s least accessible album, yet what makes this POSSIBLY THE MOST UNDERRATED ALBUM OF THE 2010s ? i mean, with lyrics like, “i walked a mile in your shoes, now i’m a mile away, and I’ve got your shoes”, you ... read more
Jul 27, 2020
JacksonLerner -
if adventure time was music: adventure-songwriter. it’s this; this is sally hatchet

this is nonchalantly epic. it’s hazily lush. it’s timeless, and it can be beautiful as any genre you want it to be. j.Tillman re-debuts solo music under a vague, chill name, an adventure songwriter
Jul 25, 2020
JacksonLerner -
man, mister electra is a genius producer, yet their image is the most important part. the lyrics supplement the essential aesthetic: basically nonbinary charli xcx

favorites: man to man, emasculate, mr to you, guyliner, basically: any title with a correct pronoun
Jul 25, 2020
JacksonLerner -
a 20 minute d e l u x e ? ? earl would
Jul 25, 2020
JacksonLerner -
this is complex and the best music a high school aged musician can create. the epitome of understated
Jul 24, 2020
JacksonLerner -
this is it; this is what swifties have been waiting for: it’s lowercase folk.

phoebe bridgers + lana del rey type music. it’s a numbness with a chill calm for percussion

the album is too long, the songs are too long, and the writing is clever
Jul 24, 2020
JacksonLerner -
Andy Shauf finally released ‘Judy’ and ‘Jeremy’s wedding’!! he’s been performing these two fan-favorite tracks for years, and teasing their release for months. his newest album even had a song called ‘where are you judy’

this is my favorite surprise release of recent memory, and this made my day. especially after i experienced an AMA on Reddit of Andy Shauf . not only did he reply to me (saying his last two albums ARE CONCEPT ALBUMS:), he ... read more
Jul 24, 2020
JacksonLerner -
on their first record in 6 years: neon trees are back!

every track is legitimately good, although this is way less alternative than I’d like it to be; its super pop. there isn’t the raw energy of their early career.

there aren’t really gems, like ‘1983’ or ‘text me in the morning’, but ‘everything is killing me’ and the singles are quality.

i believe 2014’s pop psychology is easily their best record, one of the more extremely ... read more
Jul 23, 2020
JacksonLerner -
they really did that... they made the thing haunted.

listening to cindy lee is absolutely mesmerizing in the amount of sheer agony. they are RUSHING through a universe full of pain and suffering
Jul 23, 2020
JacksonLerner -
it is an extremely promising beginning to his approaching run: an album and mixtape that will be some of the best work of his career

this is, essentially, jermaine’s first solo music since winning 2019 through his feature runs.
Jul 23, 2020
JacksonLerner -
This album might be the best release of 2018; it's the start of something tremendous for Snail Mail. she has some of the best songs of the decade (pristine, heat wave, deep sea).

Lindsey Jordan, aged 18, emerges with clever hooks and emotional confrontations in her debut album. 'Lush' is similar to Jordan herself, in that it's ahead of its time.
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