JacksonLerner -
this important record is an extravaganza
JacksonLerner -
an intricate collection of important figures
JacksonLerner -
i feel that this man is an industry plant. good vocals, and excellent production distracts from overall blandness
JacksonLerner -
glaspy demonstrates a commanding voice and lyrical prowess. this debut, however, lacks in non-guitar instrumentation
JacksonLerner -
the incomparable Annie Clark creates atmospheres full of wonderful chaos and ploy hooks. there’s also fully orchestrated distortion.
JacksonLerner -
‘aporia’ achieves something hardly fitting into words. Sufjan labored collaborative soundscapes into a premeditated sci-fi result.

through its droning summation, ‘aporia’ continually improves as each track passes.
JacksonLerner -
i’d like to point out that “Your Love is so Strong” is, essentially, the thermals ripping off the thermals, but you love to see it done so well.

props to that track for re-imagining “Now We Can See”, props to this decent record, and props for a step up from ‘09.
JacksonLerner -
aside from impressive chart performances, ‘V’ is lackluster when compared to any of Maroon 5’s previous works.

“It Was Always You” is the lone quality, original song.

a deeper deluxe listen reveals astonishing versions of “Lost Stars” and “Sex and Candy”. the only problem is: neither are actually by Maroon 5.
JacksonLerner -
'Absolution', with thrashing guitars and chilling piano, succeeds Muse's theatrical antics in every way. Their formula of apocalyptic themes and glaring lyrics create something unique and timeless
JacksonLerner -
'After Laughter' sounds more dance pop than emo rock, and all for the better. this unparalleled album reasserts Paramore’s image in maintaining their collective. Farro's tight production matches Hayley’s impossible lyrics. all the while, the group transforms insecurities into a record that makes one dance through the pain.
JacksonLerner -
'3 Rounds and a Sound' is a decade-defining album which deserves more credit. it’s equally melancholic as it is enjoyable, which is a very hard thing to do. every sound is heart-achingly satisfying.
JacksonLerner -
‘channel ORANGE’ is so diverse that it’s practically challenging the listener to find a surface.

andré 3000 delivers, arguably, the best verse of his entire career on “Pink Matter”. “Pyramids” is a two-part epic which delves into time travel, john mayer, and using cleopatra as a metaphor for royalty within the clubs.

most artists could take the aforementioned songs, alone, and they could make a whole career. Frank Ocean, however, nonchalantly ... read more
JacksonLerner -
‘the freewheelin’ bob dylan’ uses rock, country, pop, and blues in creating this folk masterpiece. the work is iconic every possible way.

for further entertainment, read the possible controversy of the timeless guitar on "Don't Think Twice”. one article offers an extremely interesting perspective, yet i am not aware of its credibility:
JacksonLerner -
cage the elephant could make cluttered, disorienting noises in the streets and it would still sound wonderful.

while the emotional core is compelling, ‘Social Cues' offers slightly disappointing results.
JacksonLerner -
billie eilish is young, exciting, creative, and she bottles up her generation's emotion under Finneas' sparse production.

"!!!!!!!" opens as a skit about invisalign, demonstrating eilish’s connection to younger folks. then Billie matter-of-factly precedes to present 13 complex songs.
JacksonLerner -
announced on twitter by mike tyson, ‘turn blue’ is a standout in the black keys’ catalog in the best way possible. their usual garage rock wails shift into a more contained, psychedelic sound.

patrick carney describes the album title as a "shout-out to Ohio"; it comes from a catchphrase from Ghoulardi: the horror-alter-ego of Cleveland television and radio's Ernie Anderson.

this album is polished, evident on the instant-classic album opener "Weight of ... read more
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