JacksonLerner -
‘collapsed in sunbeams’ is an excellent record from arlo parks; a delightful achievement of collaboration and creation. there are beautiful moments of spoken word, explosive melodies, and depictions of parks’ inclusive lyrics.

Arlo gifts this work to the collective public. the project is a memorable success that will influence years and generations to come.

‘collapsed in sunbeams’ hardly feels like an album, it is more-so a collection of confrontational tunes; ... read more
JacksonLerner -
Easy Eye Sound presents “introducing...”, an excellent first album from Aaron Frazer. the entire album was produced by none other than Dan Auerbach: the labels founder. Auerbach and Frazer co-wrote all the songs together.

this is blue eyed soul at its finest; it combines jazz, funk, and r&b to create wonderfully compelling music. the album players are all amazing.

this is an early candidate for AOTY, and it will most definitely be on my end of year lists. when 2021 is all ... read more
JacksonLerner -
on their fourth album ‘home’, rhye create a dreamy collection of alternative r&b.

rhye’s latest effort is comforting music with a warm, welcoming feeling. this project is full of love songs and relaxing music.

for some background, Milosh is the main member of Rhye. he produced the entire album, wrote the entire album, sung lead vocals on 11/13 tracks, and programmed/played the drums throughout. he also organized most of the piano/keyboard/synth parts. Milosh is an ... read more
JacksonLerner -
this 32 minute Arca ep contains different variations of the same track. it is pretty solid experimentation from our loveable icon Arca. this is about as delicate and beautiful as she can sound.

on the first track, “madre”, Arca collabs with cellist oliver coates. this vocal performance is stunning, and the instrumentation adds to the song’s dreaminess.

for “madreviolo”, Arca supposedly plays the cello herself. this song is easily my favorite of the ep. it is a ... read more
JacksonLerner -
shame did it. the band completely changed their sound to exhilarating results. this album should truly be considered a classic. this is modern post-punk at the highest level. shame’s sound is extremely versatile, and they create an overall journey of songs.

“alphabet” oozes with solid energy to kick off the album. the instrumentals are reminiscent of shame’s last album, although one can tell that the band has evolved with time. the drums are really on point, and hold ... read more
JacksonLerner -
on their first LP, ‘songs of praise’, shame show themselves as a smart band, wise beyond their years. their debut is rather spectacular.

“dust on trial” feels dark, like one’s inside a deep well and cannot escape. its rhythmic advances are synchronized with the song’s structure to craft great energy. the minor key vibes create some discomfort within the music. this discomfort is comforting, as the band completes a mission of setting up some unsettling vibes. ... read more
JacksonLerner -
ashnikko routinely polarizes her audience, and as result, she is conquering the rap game by storm. ash carries herself with an admirable amount of confidence, and that distinct attitude gives style to her music.

i was hype for this mixtape, and it does not disappoint. while many think ‘demidevil’ is problematic, i believe that at any given moment, the production makes up for anything that may fall flat.

the consistency of this mixtape is better than any of ashnikko’s ... read more
JacksonLerner -
SAULT create an empowering collection of tracks on this statement of survival.

the identities of SAULT’s members are currently unknown. Inflo, the main producer, is the only known, consistently credited person.

“wildfires” is easily one of the best tracks on the album. it maintains a comforting vibe even through its murderous lyrics. meanwhile, the additional instrumentation helps preserve the peaceful atmosphere. the bass groove is addictive. the harmonic vocals near the ... read more
JacksonLerner -
yves tumor hits us with a music mix of performance art, soul, electronic, alternative, jazz, glam, experimental, noise, art rock, punk, psychedelic, and much more. the music is wildly accessible even beyond its cultish vision.

‘heaven to a tortured mind’ is extremely intricate and very weird. although, it is not nearly as “weird”/existentially unique as yves’ previous album.

this addition to their discography is a detailed cut that may be their most cohesive ... read more
JacksonLerner -
the political commentary on this album is tasteful. the lyrics reflect how these six cambridge students form an intelligent band whose societal reflections draw upon an audience.

although it’s only their first proper album, ‘deep down happy’ demonstrates the experience that sports team have accumulated through years of touring.

sports team are unbelievably together; they have lots of chemistry.

the songwriting is delivered extremely quick. it’s as if Jarvis Cocker ... read more
JacksonLerner -
total midwest energy !!

there’s so much emotion in the performances and deliveries. eric christopher makes the most of their efforts.

eric’s evocative vocals help complete the music
JacksonLerner -
i’ve never heard anything like this.

there are no lyrics. instead, the inaudible screams are pure energy for the music to feed off of.

the music contains some peaceful aspects such as harps, horns, soft piano, piercing/swelling orchestration, etc. there are also complexities, such as the glitch aspects, the electronic elements, and the overall journey of the music.

the main highlight to me is the drumming. honorable mention to the song-craftsmanship and combinations of sounds used; ... read more
JacksonLerner -
eminem is cold.

he paints vivid pictures of terror into a violently murderous setting. all the while, em intelligently balances the music’s energy by infusing entertaining hooks and pop culture references.

it’s clear that marshall carefully curated this proper album of “b sides”.

em’s rhyme scheme is out of control. he is so dope. eminem often plays with grammar and uses his wit to generate an insane amount of hooks.

marshall has a lot of shit to say; his speed ... read more
JacksonLerner -
chris stapleton’s fourth album, “starting over”, is intelligently written and executed. performed with soul and talent, he captures the spotlight and shares it with his collaborators.

“cold”, imo, is the best song on the album. it is a ballad in which stapleton tells of his love’s absence in his wavering baritone. the way stapleton vocalizes “cut me”: his voice cuts through with unrelenting effectiveness. stapleton grabs and thrashes through his ... read more
JacksonLerner -
BENEE’s rhythm and cadence are ever important in transforming the music into accessible nostalgia. her first LP shines through its flow, production, programming, and songwriting.

for the entirety of the album, Josh Fountain is BENEE’s writing partner and producer. together, their laid back energy ensures that every syllable hits.

“happen to me” is an enchanting, brilliant start to the album. an immersive peace pours light through its dark, depressive state. Felix ... read more
JacksonLerner -
‘bad behavior’ is wildly promising for BRONCHO’s future. BRONCHO sound tighter and more together than they have ever been. it’s consistently calming and surprising.

favorites: “sandman”, “big city boys”, “all choked up”, and the transitions between “undercover” to “family values” to “big city boys”.
JacksonLerner -
lewis del mar’s self-titled album is stunning. the duo paint various pictures through their fixation on detail. there’s a languor within the notes that resonates.

the percussion is the highlight throughout the album, an interesting blend of latin, electro and alternative.

Max Harwood shines on the drumming/producing aspect of Lewis Del Mar, while Andrew Maury lent his production skills for their debut album.

the lyrics are clever; the hooks are staggering. production is ... read more
JacksonLerner -
following the runaway success of ‘Songs For the Dead’, dave grohl departed from Queens of the Stone Age's recording sessions. it took multiple records of experience, some massive success, and major lineup changes to cement QotSA’s vision. this is why ‘Lullabies to Paralyze’ is the first record to showcase Queens’ true sound.

josh homme is quite the desert rock veteran. counting his kyuss years, he had professionally played for nearly two decades by the ... read more
JacksonLerner -
‘instrumentals’ is challenging. a two song album in and of itself is bold; then, Adrianne and Phil make the whole album instrumental, which is risky. it bodes well.

i figured out why pitchfork grouped 'instrumentals' and 'songs' together, and why Adrianne released them at the same time. aside from thematic reasoning, the sudden cut off of “my angel” leads directly to “music for indigo”; the loud sound which ends the audio on 'songs' also begins audio on ... read more
JacksonLerner -
‘songs’ quietly establishes adrianne lenker as the best folk singer-songwriter in america. adrianne’s voice is mysterious, bleak, and vague, yet it is extremely profound. her words are thorough, all-inclusive, meta, and oddly simple.

the project has minimal production, and because of this, we listeners can hear Adrianne’s true vision. when she’s isolated, her talent, alone, shines through rather than an entire band. Adrianne shows complete control and wisdom for ... read more
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