Don Toliver - Love Sick
Every time this album gets close to being interesting, it instantly nosedives back in to mediocrity.
100 gecs - 10,000 gecs
Honestly, this is pretty damn great. I've always had a love for 100 gecs, but their last album didn't sit the best with me. I much preferred the songs by themselves, a whole album of that chipmunk sound was tiring. However, there's a lot less of that erratic pitching on here and it works in their favour. The new direction is not only easier to digest, but they just sound so much better here; glad to see them capitalising on the potential of their debut.
Westside Gunn - Peace "Fly" God
Loaded with beautfiul production, great verses from Gunn and his peers - it's another great addition to the Griselda catalogue. Stove God is absolutely amazing on here, certainly sharing the spotlight with Gunn; if not outshining him on a few cuts. I do have to admit that Gunn has a few shoddy appearances, such as his short-lived contribution on 'Jesus Crack', but nevertheless, 'Peace "Fly" God' remains an enjoyable record.
There's nothing necessarily bad or worthy of harsh words on here, but it does play out as a pretty half-baked and lazy attempt from Peggy. I actually like the mellow vibes he tries to execute on here, the production is great - as you would expect from him - but sometimes the vocal content just isn't enough to grab my full interest.
Danny Brown - Atrocity Exhibition
Took me a while to come around to this album, I never used to really enjoy much of it - that was before I became accustomed to loving the strange voices in hip-hop. Not only does Danny pack this album with intricate concepts and great rapping, backed by phenomenal and often appealingly wacky production, but his charm is unparalleled. I'm an absolute sucker for charismatic rappers, a distinct character certainly earns Danny some brownie points from me. It's a great album, certainly still growing ... read more
Conway The Machine & Jae Skeese - Pain Provided Profit
Something feels off about this project, a little too stale. Conway's appearances are boring, the production blends from one track to another, yet Jae Skeese shows interesting potential.
Westside Gunn - Hitler Wears Hermes 4
This is ridiculously inconsistent, and despite it having some favourable highs, this may be my least favourite of the HWH series. However, I will mention that I am utterly in love with the guitar on "Aunt Rosie's".
Westside Gunn - Hitler Wears Hermes 7
What more can I say other than what's already been said in my reviews of previous installments of the HWH series? Gunn is just a consistently solid rapper with explosive charisma.
slowthai - UGLY
Ambitious, successful but not a surprising path for slowthai to explore. Punk elements have always had an intrinsic presence in slowthai's music; very prevalent in a few of his vocal deliveries, more evident on his debut album. I'm glad he's finally chasing a darker sound, it's much more fitting and certainly allows him to access the gritty nature that has made him such an admirable character in the UK rap scene. Beautifully twisted, the darker cuts on here are nothing short of spectacular. ... read more
Paramore - Paramore
A contagiously fun record, yet heavily front-loaded. Some of the last few tracks really brought the experience down for me.
君島大空 [Ohzora Kimishima] - 映帶する煙 (Eitai suru kemuri)
Very beautiful background music. Can't say I was the biggest of fans of some of the bolder cuts, such as 都合, but found myself able to appreciate the serenity of the calmer soundscapes of the record. I feel like at times the album gets a little lost in itself? I don't know if it was an attempt at flaunting production skills, but some of these instrumentals are way too crowded and often overbearing. Nevertheless, there is certainly some great production across the board - despite Kimishima, ... read more
Comparisons are often tiresome, but I can't help but note the Nine Inch Nails and Isaac Wood similarities. Of course, they're tasteful - and the Isaac vocal comparison clearly being unintentional on the band's behalf - this album is back-to-back insanity. Its slower cuts, whilst lacking the bold and in your face production of other songs off the record, still show a prevalent emotional dexterity which is plastered across here. From the unsettling vocals performances reinforced by absolutely ... read more
Paramore - This Is Why
Probably my favourite Paramore record, yet I haven't exactly made myself familiar with their previous releases. This album is pretty damn great; Hayley's voice is indisputably amazing and the writing is surprisingly really nice? I usually found myself listening to Paramore for the fun sound they provided, but 'This Is Why' plays out as a lyrically smart, mature project.
Denzel Curry & Kenny Beats - UNLOCKED
There's something really special about this album. For a body of work made in only 72 hours, UNLOCKED puts a lot of big name rap artists to shame. Releasing during the pandemic, this project provided me with what we all lacked at the time; fun. Full of non-stop charisma, reinforced by the dexterous production from Kenny Beats. There's clear inspiration from Madlib and J. Dilla on here, but Kenny executes it tastefully. It doesn't necessarily showcase anything new for rap music, but there's ... read more
what is your name? - beyond old names, everyone's songs.
This album dances the fine line between something and nothing. The instrumentation throughout is pretty neat, I couldn't tell you an exact favourite track other than the ones I randomly threw in my playlist - B.O.N.E.S and Miles Away. - despite having no intent of listening to this album again. I think it's a tad long-winded, the quality struggles to justify 50 minutes of runtime.
Biig Piig - Bubblegum
Bubblegum creates a sense of sweet and fun. Bubblegum by Biig Pigg is quite the opposite; sour and dull.
MF DOOM - Born Like This
I love this album, it's great and I love almost every song on here - but it lacks so much colour in comparison to any of DOOM's other releases.
I've had this album in the back of my mind for a while, all the countless appearances JIMMY has made on my social feed and the recent review from Fantano have encouraged me to finally get round to this.

There are some interesting ideas here, lots of potential without a doubt, but it doesn't feel all that authentic. I pride this album on its strong message, but sadly the execution isn't all that flattering. To me, it kind of plays out like a wannabe Kendrick; especially in how JIMMY uses his ... read more

Carly Rae Jepsen - Dedicated
Had the pleasure of seeing a few songs off here performed live a few days ago and it was AMAZING
Kendrick Lamar - Section.80
Very tame release for Kendrick's standards; then again, this was released very early in his career, the jump from THIS to GKMC is astounding.
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