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Feb 21, 2020
This album is beautifully incoherent. The concept and vastness of the Internet is expressed very compellingly through the ever-changing sound of Because the Internet. It has both the lighter and more popular sides of the internet with 3005 and contrasts these sounds with its darker corners with No Exit and Death by Numbers to create a scattered yet immersive experience (this concept is backed up by the screenplay). Sure, Donald’s rapping isn’t the best and he does drop a lot of ... read more
Feb 7, 2020
This is a great album! Kenny Beats’ Madlib styles production shines through constant samples, chops and screws making this album as fast-paced and detailed. Denzel Curry also returns with his signature high-energy flows which just adds to this albums overall quality. The only issue is that it seems to lose focus towards the end and each track seems like a slight step down from the last. Still a great album and so far my favourite of the year!
Jan 19, 2020*
This is a solid album! Madlib’s production is consistently very good and borrows a lot from Madvillainy with each track being scattered with odd samples and layered instrumentals. However, nothing really stood out as great and isn’t at the level of his work with MF DOOM or Freddie Gibbs. For the most part, Oh No’s flows are great and his lyricism is decent too aside from some cringeworthy lines. Also, some of the tracks seem to drag on for too long in comparison to some of ... read more
Jan 7, 2020*
Denzel drops a surprise “MIXX” featuring quick snippets of roughly mixed songs and still manages to come through with a very good project. Each track seems to seamlessly transition into the next allowing the whole mixtape to keep a high energy throughout its short, 13 minute run time. His aggressive delivery and distorted beats ensure that you keep your head bopping throughout the project. The only real issue is that some of the bars are terrible and it doesn’t seem like ... read more
Dec 24, 2019
Blood Orange’s angelic vocals and pure auditory bliss help this album to create a atmospheric and calming experience but hollow production and at times boring melodies prevent the album from excelling. This album seems very ambitious combining elements of soul and jazz to create an almost hour long expression of emotion and his views on our harsh world. Many ideas fall short however which prevents this album from being great and a timeless classic.
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