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Jamobo -
David Bowie’s Blackstar - The Artist Facing Death

If I described David Bowie as a once in a generation talent, that would be a misnomer, as there hasn’t really been anyone in the 50+ years since he debuted in 1967 that can truly match up to his musical legacy. I won’t really get into what makes him such a legend, either you already know or you have yet to properly experience his expansive and explorative work. And that experience will tell you far more than any of my words ... read more

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Jamobo -
One of my favourite hidden gems from the 60's

Begin is possibly the best example of Sunshine-Pop in its purest form, as opposed to the array of artists that only used it as part of their sound, like the Baroque Pop of Pet Sounds, the Pop Rock of Village Green Preservation Society, or the Psychedelic Pop of Sgt. Pepper. Having said that, The Beach Boys would make some great Sunshine Pop in the late 60's/early 70's with Friends and with Sunflower, but I'll remain adamant that this is the record ... read more
Jamobo -
The 7th LP from Concrete Castles is definitely a contender for their best work

This project marks a change to CC's writing style. Having recently purchased a microphone, this has allowed them to record acoustic instruments, namely piano, guitar and ukulele. It has also given them the option of bringing in their own vocals, letting them tell the story of the record far more directly than the more ambiguous sampling from earlier projects.

Having said that, in place of the simpler concepts from ... read more
Jamobo -
Well I've apparently been missing out as this is my introduction to LUCY

A double A-sided single Pathological liar and Kokichi are very different tracks, that evoke separate moods in their own ways. However both like to sit in the darkness

Pathological liar is the rougher of the two. The song slowly builds, from sparse and open, a light drone acts as the intro until vocals come in and the track really begins. We then transition to a wall of noise and guitars & drums that feel like they're ... read more
Jamobo -
Well, the Weezer joke has already been made. Although I do have to say, like Weezer, Implicit Doom's self-titled projects tend to be their better ones

We open with Black Canary. A rather loud, somewhat Dub infused track, that still manages to exude a chill, summery vibe. What really makes the track for me though, is all the little details that surround the main beat, game noises, small flourishes that don't reappear. The song then transitions to a more upbeat and bouncy section, without losing ... read more
Jamobo -
The second in the 5 part Convocations series that Sufjan Stevens is releasing over the course of roughly 2 months

I mentioned in my review for the first part that this collection will deal with a "universal" take on death and grief, after Stevens lost his father in late 2020. Instead of this being a very personal tale like Carrie & Lowell was with his, Stevens wants to sympathise more with everyone who also faced similar challenges and pains due to the mess that was 2020.

Each ... read more


Apr 18, 2021
Thank you!
Apr 18, 2021
Also sorry for releasing 2 projects so close together haha. Thanks so much for always reviewing my music though, its super cool of you :D
Apr 18, 2021
Sorry for the bother, but my new album is out! I'm really excited to release it and hope that you check it out. Thanks so much! :)
Apr 16, 2021
Yea, wanna listen to shamelessly self-promoted music?
Apr 15, 2021
What's your favorite Swans record and song? (List)
Apr 15, 2021
Also I came here from your Gel. review so yea
Apr 15, 2021
Not so good, but could be better. I do have a question tho.
Apr 15, 2021
Hello hru
Apr 15, 2021


Doggo here to tell you what to listen to!

All about those YT recommendations!

I have a couple of articles up on Record Roundtable -

I do scores in increments of 5 cause i don't think i could accurately tell the difference between, say, a 67 and a 68

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