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Lingua Ignota - SINNER GET READY
Kristin Hayter, aka Lingua Ignota (unknown language) gained a great deal of attention in 2017 with her album All Bitches Die and even more so in 2019 with Caligula. Hauntingly dark and alluring records that integrated the oppressive walls of noise and screaming of Death Industrial with the ageless beauty of Classical music, especially in her vocals, as Neoclassical Darkwave.

A particular combination that allows Hayter to perfectly evoke the horrors of domestic abuse that she has suffered, ... read more

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David Bowie - Sue (Or in a Season of Crime)
If Bowie's vocals on 'Tis a Pity were stronger, more yelling, it could be one of his best
Muse - Will of the People
It's pretty evident that their golden age isn't returning any time soon, but it's been a while since I've this much fun with a Muse record

In fact, the last album from them that, both for and despite its flaws, I could just put on and enjoy was a decade ago with The 2nd Law. Since then we've had 2 incredibly disappointing projects from them in the form of Drones and Simulation Theory.

For me, the run of Origin of Symmetry to The Resistance is Muse's best. The songs are as eccentric as they ... read more

black midi - Hellfire
Black Midi take their Cardiac influences to the logical extremes in an album as wonderfully messy as its cover art

Like a broken kaleidoscope, ideas are rammed together into a glorious collage of blazing flames and blooming flowers. The album is chaos incarnate one moment and serene plateaus the next, deftly weaving these visions together through the group's excellent technical skills, but also their genuine ear for melody and for pacing within songwriting.

It also helps that many of the ... read more

Drake -  Honestly, Nevermind
Another album from Soft-Hop pioneer Drake, brought to us roughly 9 months after the visual attack that was his last project and titled with everyone's reaction to it.

Drake has rarely captured my attention over the years, his takes on more melodic Pop Rap come across as lacklustre. Instead of capturing the fun of Pop or being melodically interesting enough to carry a tune, his voice lazily drifts over gentle beats that carry as much personality he does. I get that he plays up a downtrodden ... read more

Everything Everything - Raw Data Feel
Everything Everything return with their most Pop friendly project so far

The band have always been fans of trying to do the "opposite" of whatever their last record was about. From the in-your-face hooks of Get to Heaven to the slow-burning storytelling on A Fever Dream, whose soft electronics were turned into wild guitars on RE-ANIMATOR. So coming off of their most "Indie-Rock" album with RE-ANIMATOR a Synth Pop and Dance Pop influenced album just makes sense.

From the ... read more


Hi there! I hope you are doing well. Once again, thanks so much for the previous support on my music. I just wanted to let you know, my new album, Losing Lustre by Losing Lustre, is complete and will be released in less than a week!

Press release ramble if you want some more info:
Losing Lustre has been in the works for over a year. The album is about growing up and my attempts to understand the never-ending passage of time. The album passes between noisy lo-fi rock, serene ambience, singer-songwriter acoustics, or all three in the same track.
If any of that piques your interest, please check out the album on October 25th! It would mean the world to me. Thanks so much!

hi! i've seen that you review albums made by the aoty community and i made an album/mixtape, i don't know if you are interested in listening to it and give it a rating or review, if not, no problem.
Heyo man! Been awhile but I finally dropped another project, an EP ^^ I think you might quite like it and I hope you check it out!
haha no worries, I actually forgot that i sent this to you so it came as a nice surprise! thanks again for listening and I absolutely love your review of it!
Thanks for the feedback man. As timing works out, I just dropped another song that expands on the positives of the tape, If you have a spare 3 mins, I would appreciate feedback on it too as I think it's definitely a step up :)) <3
Also i have a new ep out so check that out if youd like. It's under "The Funeral Plan"
Dont be sorry loved the review


Doggo here to tell you what to listen to!

All about those YT recommendations!

I have a couple of articles up on Record Roundtable -

I do scores in increments of 5 cause i don't think i could accurately tell the difference between, say, a 67 and a 68

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