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So far i haven't written many Hip-Hop reviews, it's a genre that i'm still getting used to, although i now have a good handful of favourites. I'm also less certain about how to write about lyrically focused music in general as there are so many ways to interpret many of best works within that style of writing. Having said that, Descendants of Cain is too good for me to not talk about

My introduction to Ka came with his album Honor Killed the Samurai in 2016, a wickedly brilliant record that ... read more

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Jamobo -
CFCE 87.8 FM Weekly Genre: Psychedelic Folk

Folk is one of the more interesting genres of music to me, with roots that reach back centuries, it is one of the oldest in the world. Taking its name from the word for people (technically the German word “volk”), there are as many different types of Folk music as there are peoples of the Earth.

At a guess the Folk music that both you and I are most comfortable with and have listened to the most will be very Euro-American, with a ... read more
Jamobo -
Everybody knows the solution to a crappy day, week or month is some good music and anime! And Open Mike Eagle has had a real shitty year.

Anime, Trauma and Divorce is OME's detailing of the past year in his life, most notably how the divorce from his wife and mother of his son has affected him. His usual wittiness can be found here in spades, cleverly referencing several anime and comics among other things both in humour and in relation to his struggles.

For instance opening song Death Parade ... read more
Jamobo -
The Exosphere is the topmost layer of the atmosphere, the final boundary between Earth and Space.

Flamingooooo's song of the same name is a journey upward, into and through the Exosphere. Warm synths wave back and forth with a simple but effective main melody repeating over the top offering up the feeling of a sunrise, seen from the view of a space-station. A dawn seen over the entire world.
The track's final moments include a sample of a "future" in which people are capable of doing ... read more
Jamobo -
I'm kind of stuck on this one, the compositions for the most part are done really well. A good use of dynamics, the push and pull of the mixes is on point and none of the tracks outstay their welcome. They say what they have to and then let the next song mosey on in.
My issue is that i'm not the biggest fan of chiptune and 8-bit music as a whole...

There are several moments where it is absolutely clear what CC is trying, and very much succeeding, to do compositionally: the swells of sound on ... read more
Jamobo -
Well i'm a little late to the party, but that's what all the cool kids do... right...?

Jokes aside, Unopinionated is a very interesting track, i think a lot of weirdness comes from, what feels like, polyrhythms. A really cool technique where different sections of music play different rhythmic patterns i.e 3/4, 4/4, 7/8, at the same time, within the same space.

A lot of the tones were very well chosen, weird barrages of noisy synths and hiccup-like vocals, kind of reminiscent of Tim Smith ... read more
Oct 20, 2020
It was a really fascinating trip, I love this kind of record, thanks again my friend! (:
Oct 18, 2020
Thank you very much my friend, your support and your words always really touch me ! You are one of those special people ! I loved your incredible review today, I didn't know this record, I'm going to listen to it ! Thank you for the discovery ! (:
Oct 16, 2020
Hello there! Im Malneezy and I have a new single out with a collaboration with another artist and was hoping to get your opinion on it. Thanks! <3
It's a Lo-Fi track.
Oct 16, 2020
Hey! It’s Stankysauce under my new alias Alkaline Pink with my new debut Halloween mixtape on my new label Insomnia Café! This new mixtape is by FAR my best material to date and a total change of pace from my last project Analog Autopsy. I am done with that synthwave type stuff to embrace more loud distorted sounds, as I am going industrial this time around. I tried to make it sound as dark and nasty as possible to celebrate the spooky month!
Anyways, I hope you guys like it!
Oct 12, 2020
True, music admiration shouldn't be constrained by its lyrics. Well, I just published the list, feel free to check it out!
Oct 12, 2020
Good morning/afternoon/evening! What is your favorite album/EP that sets in a language foreign to you? And yep, it's for a list. Thanks in advance, and have a great day!
Oct 10, 2020
Thanks so much man!
Oct 9, 2020
Hi, I just released my new song on Soundcloud. I would be delighted if you would listen to it and let me know whether you liked it or not:)
Here is a link:
Oct 7, 2020
Thank you very much my friend for this message and congratulations, it's really touching! Thank you for everything you said and for your support, I am very happy to be able to discuss this with you and to be able to read your work too, I love what you do, you deserve to be much more visible on this site, keep on working with your heart! I hope everything is going well for you, you have been rather discreet lately and I couldn't get my almost daily content to read from you (: thanks again my friend
Oct 4, 2020
My chiptune EP is out! Thanks so much if you decide to check it out! :D
Doggo here to tell you what to listen to!

All about those YT recommendations!

I have an article up on Record Roundtable -

I do scores in increments of 5 cause i don't think i could accurately tell the difference between, say, a 67 and a 68
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