Baroness - Gold & Grey
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EDIT: I like to give the mix a fair argument since that seems to be the big problem for everyone
I've really tried to understand the title of this album, why Gold & Grey to close out this series? On one hand Gold could just be an Orange substitute and Grey might represent the spectrum of White to Black, but i don't think that's it. I think Gold was picked to represent the clear and precious sides of the album, whereas Grey is Silver, but dirty and tarnished by the weathering of time. With this it could explain the mix, as not a mistake, but an artistic choice. Take for instance the interlude, Blankets of Ash, it starts with quiet flickering synth which somehow has clipping on it, or the opposite example, I'd Do Anything, that includes a section with heavy clipping in the background but clear acoustic guitar and vocals layered over the top.
The album was produced by David Fridmann, who has worked with the Flaming Lips since 1990 and has also worked with Mercury Rev, Low, Sleater-Kinney, Thursday, Tame Impala and MGMT among others, he also produced Purple. While none of this guarantees that the mix is some interesting artistic choice, i like to think that it is, and even if Iahve convinced you, if you don't like listening to G&G then fair enough
Gold & Grey is currently streaming at NPR if anyone's interested and you definitely should be!

Baroness has always been a group ready to expand their sound, doing something a little different with each release and G&G is no different, simultaneously a culmination of the band's chromatically themed albums and an ever exciting next step in their evolution.
Seasons is a great example, Baroness' first use of blast beats, which could be considered cliche in metal at this point, really punch their way through to creating an explosive single, to tell anyone who complains they're not heavy enough to fuck off. By comparison Tourniquet, just 2 songs later starts with hard panned, reverb-drenched vocals in the right and acoustic instrumentation in the left, setting a mood that is thrown away just after the 1min mark to place the entire band front and centre with great piece of Yellow-esque fun. Again at the 3min mark the fuzz kicks in setting up a heavy-yet-melancholic proggy shift with more synthesizers and extra guitar layers added with each passing section, the song entirely justifies its 5.45 run-time
Reminiscent of Steel that Sleeps the Eye and Swollen & Halo, off of Blue Record, Anchor's Lament perfectly sets up Throw Me an Anchor, the first song being slower and almost dream-like, being followed by a gut-punching, crowd pleaser that rocked me so hard and fast i didn't realise the 4 min second track had ended.

I really don't want to spoil too much of this album as it is fantastic from top to tip and deserves to be properly experienced. Also don't worry too much about the 17 tracks, 6 of them are under 2.30 in length, the entire project is almost exactly an hour, which is actually quite short for a double album.
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