Jan 10, 2020
Best album of all time
Oct 19, 2019
Better than anything Bjork has ever created
Oct 19, 2019
Best K-POP album ever
And Trick It is the best K-POP song ever
And TWICE is best K-POP group ever
Oct 19, 2019
I used to don't like her music, those I have heard sounds more lethargic but this one changed my views, this sounds lil bit dated but still one of the best album overall, the interesting fusion of electronic sound and bass and delicatedly used of the stings and all these instruments are giving this album the whole new smooth feeling of velvet like her voice, the album is about romance and love, "No Ordinary Love" is the standout track of the album, her singing with the stings and kick ... read more
Oct 19, 2019
Only the piano and keyboards tracks are great other are sounds pointless and mess
Sep 14, 2019
snooze fest Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 😴😴😴😴
Aug 31, 2019
Comeback album of one of the most appreciated metal band. After all these years they didn't make anything special, it's sounds like a cover of their previous albums, the best thing they did is the sounds are more clear, mellow, meditative, steady build-up unlike the heavy sounds of their old albums. However the vocals are worse here. the layered instrumentation is beautiful, I mean it is the main principle of any progressive music and they're good at it. the synth and drums on tracks and the ... read more
Aug 13, 2019
1.21st Century - 5 (mediocre)
2.ITTTW - 8 (good)
3.Epitaph - 10 ( emotional)
4.Moonchild - 4 (boring and ridiculous)
5.TCOTCK - 10 (one of the best song I've ever heard)
Aug 9, 2019
A derivative noise rock album, all the conclusion I have been through the album is, this is maybe a noise rock or post punk album, but they mix it well, but as an album the result is quite absurd and lack of substance.
The opening is track is quirky and most interesting song of the album, all the through they didn't execute the album, the vocals are bland and mediocre it annoying and unbearable. The forms and beat changes randomly is laughable, there is no meaning of it and it's cringey, you ... read more
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