- Colores de un otoño incipiente
Expressive Experimentalism: Pianist Juan Maria Solare releases "Colores de un otoño incipiente"

The pianist and composer Juan María Solare releases a seven-track album of neoclassical and minimalist piano music. In this album, each of the titles can be read as verses of a poem. Expressiveness and experimentation in ideal balance.

Colores de un otoño incipiente on several streaming platforms:

 - Evoking a Feeling of Contemplative Spaciousness
Seven tracks between 3 and 7 minutes. The overall sound of this music makes it suitable for fans of Brian Eno, Jon Hopkins, A Winged Victory for the Sullen or (in part) Laurie Spiegel, one of the early gurus of electronic music.

This kind of music is closer to 'deep listening' than to 'easy listening'. The latter term is often used to 'disconnect' from everyday life, the former can be used to 'reconnect' with the inner self.

1 - Breathing Space
2 - Stop And Smell The Flowers
3 - Sidereal ... read more

 - Images of Elsewhere
Four short pieces for sax solo
And all of them in an additional version for sax and other sounds.
 - Himmelsrichtungen
Himmelsrichtungen (Cardinal Points), are six piano pieces composed and performed by Juan María Solare (an Argentine pianist who lives in Germany).

The title Himmelsrichtungen, literally "directions of the sky", means actually "cardinal points". Usually they are four, but the composer added two (zenith and nadir), because they determine the third dimension: we are not more conceiving a bidimensional world, but a tridimensional one. This represents the overcoming, the ... read more

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