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The National - I Am Easy to Find
May 15, 2019
What can be said about The National that hasn't already been mentioned a gazillion times before? They're a once-in-a-generation band, they helped form contemporary rock, they're one of the best bands ever...
Whilst I'll be the first person to endorse every single one of those things, there's one more thing about 'em that's worth mentioning: they're my favourite musical act of all time. Ever since "High Violet", the band has delivered nothing but proof that they are worth taking very seriously, that they truly stand out from their peers, and that they are duly lauded for the music they release.
As you can imagine, I was enormously excited when they announced that a new studio effort would be seeing the light of day this year. Alongside that eager anticipation, however, was a tinge of worry, as the new album would be their longest yet and it had only been a good year and a half since the previous album release. What if they didn't deliver this time around?
Much of that worry dissappeared as the singles started rolling out and it was rapidly clear that they hadn't lost their magic touch. I pre-ordered the CD about three weeks before the album's release, as Matt Berninger's smooth-ass vocals, Bryan Devendorf's drums and the Dessner brothers' compositional work have been my favourite car companionship since I've gotten my driver's license.
Now the album's out, I can unequivocally say this: The National will forever hold a very special place in my heart, as they're absolutely unbeatable at what they do and anyone that discards their output as "boring" or "uneventful" can kiss my ass.
The stripped back electronic work, the inclusion of some beautiful female vocals and the addition of Matt's wife to the writing team make for a familiar, yet refreshing side of the band I so immensely love. It's an hour long, but I was sad it was all over as quickly as it was.
Bar a couple of tracks that seem a little non-descript upon first listen, but that get better with more listens, this album aptly delivers more of the heavenly goodness that we've come to expect from these guys. Pure class. I can't wait for whatever else they'll have coming up next!

P.S.: Definitely check out the short film of the same name that was released earlier in the week too, as it's a gripping and stirring little piece of cinema that is definitely worthy of your 25 minutes x
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