'68 - Removed Their Hooks
I love '68 and all things Josh Scogin related. It's kind of weird to me, though, that they're calling this the heaviest of their records when "In Humor and Sadness" still exists. This song just sounds like a slightly heavier continuation of their last (and weakest) record. I'm sure the album will still be good, but I hope it's not just more of the same.
Reverend Kristin Michael Hayter - ALL OF MY FRIENDS ARE GOING TO HELL
I've been a fan of Kristin's art for about five years now and I've loved just about everything she's worked on. This one isn't doing it for me yet. Maybe it'll work in the context of the album.
Rick Astley - Never Gonna Stop
Yeah, this is awesome.
Bring Me The Horizon - AmEN!
Somewhat surprisingly, this is really good
Code Orange - Grooming My Replacement / The Game
Code Orange is back with two of their heaviest yet.
FEVER 333 - $wing
Fever 333 continues to be one of the most disappointing projects in modern rock
Foo Fighters - The Teacher
I'm not quite ready to give this a ten just yet, but WOW - Foo Fighters made a pretty damn good prog song.
Foo Fighters - Show Me How
By far, this is the best of the new singles. Genuinely beautiful and touching performances from Dave and his daughter Violet take the spotlight on what is possibly the band's best song in almost a decade
Cattle Decapitation - Terrasite
Between the grotesque, bleak imagery and the crystal clear layering of the production, this may be their most devastating offering yet.
Foo Fighters - Under You
Another solid addition to the band's repertoire. The melody kinda sounds like Green Day (not a bad thing). I'm pretty stoked to hear the rest of this album
Corey Taylor - Beyond
It sounds like Black Veil Brides
Avenged Sevenfold - We Love You
I like that they're experimenting with the sound and structure to try and create something weird and out there. And in a way, they do succeed at that. However, M. Shadows' vocals sound weaker than they maybe ever have (other than the screaming section - that was pretty cool). In addition, the lyrics just feel so lazy and thrown together in a very nonsensical way. As someone who really admired the risks they took on 'The Stage' I really wanted to like this song the whole time it was on. In ... read more
Jeromes Dream - The Gray in Between
A beautifully heavy blend of noise rock and 90s screamo.

Favorites: Conversations: In Time, On Mute ,, Stretched Invisible by London, South By Isolation, Pine Hill (with Guests)

.gif From God - Digital Red
It's not breaking any new ground but this is the most fun a .gif from god release has sounded to date.

Favorites: dream futures, youth medium: child psychic

Portrayal of Guilt - Devil Music
Spooky music

Favorites: Devil Music, II, V
Least Favorite (still good): Burning Hand

Fucked Up - One Day
It's a nice group of songs.

Favorites: I Think I Might Be Weird, Found

AJJ - Disposable Everything / Dissonance
I for one quite like these two songs as a kickoff to the new album. Ajj has been a favorite of mine for roughly four years and I think these are two of the best examples of what makes them so special to so many people.
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