Pink Sweat$ - Volume 2
Apr 3, 2019
Volume 2 is just aggressively boring. Pink Sweat$ is obviously very talented, he has a smooth voice and solid guitar skills (assuming that's him playing the guitar throughout.) I also kinda dig the old school blues feel throughout the EP. But, every song is kind just the same thing... I mean if you listen to "Coke and Henny Pt. 1" and then "Your Side", you'll hear that the opening riffs are essentially the same, just a different key and tempo. On a record with only 5 songs, this is inexcusable. I also think Pink Sweat$ could have played more with variation throughout, every song is pretty much just acoustic guitar with light blues percussion. I'm not even asking him to change up the orchestration, but at least the feel, the style, the mellow singing, or anything really. I would give this an even lower score, but as a fellow musician, I appreciate some of the songwriting and neat progressions. For example, "Body Aint Me" is genuinely a gorgeous song. But that isn't enough to save the EP. Ultimately, it is an intensely mellow album, where even the "upbeat" songs can get a little boring. Hopefully his next project is better.
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May 22, 2019
to say that “pt. 1 and your side” intros are “essentially the same” shows your inability to perform a proper music analysis. let’s hear you write out that aggressively boring percussion in “your side”
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