O.E. - Wait for Me
May 7, 2019
Wait for Me is a thoughtful, generously crafted album from O.E. With each song, O.E.'s lyricism and mastery of language is on display. One of the more striking tracks is "OK", coming pretty early on the record, it sets a tone of concept and wordplay. O.E. delivers a verse with his voice pitched down imitating an authoritative figure, and uses "OK" as the response to each commandment. The call and response style is a simple trope but is utilized intelligently here. The production on the album is also fantastic. There is a lo-fi meets jazz feel throughout and best exemplified by the track "Feelings". The upbeat track has a chord progression that plays out in retrograde and a groovy drum beat to match.

Another great moment on the album is the track "War", discussing O.E.'s personal struggles with himself and his relationships. A couple tracks later, "War, Pt. 2" discusses these same themes, but chooses to address them in a way that also highlights some of the solutions to the problems. This is just one example of the theatricality of this record.

There are some points in the album where the lo-fi style and the relaxed delivery of O.E. can start to drag. While each song is well crafted in itself, back to back to back the style can start to feel a little tiresome. But ultimately, the album is pristine. The lyrics and storytelling is incredible and worth a listen or two.
May 15, 2019
Do you know if this guy has an IG?
6d ago
I'm not sure, I honestly had a lot of trouble researching him, I know that he's from/based in Houston and his real name is Chris Lollie, but there's really not a lot of info on this guy, which is a shame cause he's making great music
5d ago
I actually thought he was from Miami because there's a YouTube video from about five years ago that sounds like him and seems to be posted by him that says he is an unsigned Miami artist. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzDAdh02udg
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