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Deftones - Gore
Oct 14
Tiamat - Clouds
Oct 10

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JayCrackers -
The New Pornographers' debut, Mass Romantic, stands as one of their best if not their best release for me and stands as a classic within the power pop genre with its energetic and uplifting soundscape and a sensual romantic lyrics make for a catchy and fun listen with many classics such as the self titled track, Letter from an Occupant and fantastic deeper cuts like Breakin' the Law makes the record great throughout and never boring.

Track Review

Mass Romantic 9/10
The Fake Headlines ... read more
JayCrackers -
L'Enfant Sauvage, is no where near my favorite from the legendary progressive death metal band and in fact, when it came out and i first listen to it i would of rated it a lot lower but I can't lie, this record has grown on me so much over the past decade with songs like The Axe, The Gift of Gift and the self titled, this record is one of their most heaviest and aggressive releases, whilst offering some really introspective moments and lyrics for a well balanced listen.

Track Review

Explosia ... read more
JayCrackers -
A great explosive, raw and noisy bluesy post-punk record by a combination of some of the best names from the 80's from Nick Cave, Rowland S. Howard, Mick Harvey etc. for The Birthday Party's last studio album which is a combination of intense drug filled insanity. Easily one of the most psychotic and chaotic records from the 80's

Track Review

She's Hit 10/10
Dead Joe 8.5/10.
The Dim Locator 8/10
Hamlet (Pow Pow Pow) 9/10
Several Sins 8.5/10.
Big Jesus Trash Can 8.5/10.
Kiss Me Black ... read more
JayCrackers -
Lykke Li's 3rd studio album, I Never Learn is a powerful melancholic indie pop record which is both easy to engage whilst offering some amazing atmosphere and great lyrics for a soft spoken bittersweet 33 minutes, making the record not only dense with its content with so much to unpack but perfectly capturing that feeling of loneliness

Track Review

I Never Learn 8.5/10.
No Rest For The Wicked 9/10
Just Like A Dream 8/10
Silverline 7.5/10.
Gunshot 8.5/10.
Love Me Like I'm Not Made Of ... read more
JayCrackers -
Krokus' most regonizable album due Screaming in the Night and alongside other great classic heavy metal tracks such as the self titled opener and Eat the Rich make for a fun straight forward and catchy record which isn't as impress as other records in the same scope but for fans of early heavy metal and 80's hard rock such as Scorpions, Krokus is right up your alley.

Track Review

Headhunter 8.5/10.
Ear the Rich 7.5/10.
Screaming in the Night 9/10
Ready to Burn 6.5/10
Night Wolf 7/10
Stayed ... read more


Sep 6, 2021
Thank you!
Sep 6, 2021
Can you please give me your top 5 albums from 1971?
Sep 3, 2021
dw about me last q, that's all cool now. Thanks for contributing to the list, I really appreciate it.

List is up if you wanna check it out:
Sep 2, 2021
Hey Mate,
I'm currently making a list compacted with AOTY user' top 10 worst albums and would love for you to contribute to that. The information if you decide to share will be used to create "The Average AOTY Users worst album" consisting of 50 albums. If you feel comfortable contributing please mention your top 10 worst albums in order from 1 being the worst and 10 being the 10th worst. It would also be highly appreciated if you are ok to give a few words why as well :)

Thank You So Much Have A Good Day!
Aug 29, 2021
Hi again, sorry to bother you.

As I was creating the list, due to issues that arose and just new ideas I got, I thought it'd be sick if each of the top 10 albums had a bit of a foreword in their descriptions. Anyways, getting to the point, I'd appreciate it so much if you could just reply with a couple of sentences on Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven regarding its importance in musical history, influence and, most importantly, why you love it/what it means to you.

Thanks so much for reading and replying, if you do. It'd mean a lot.
Aug 22, 2021
Hey, I hope you're doing well.

I'm making a list where, judging by AOTY user's individual top ten albums, I'm compiling a ranked community top 100. I'd love it if you could contribute by just replying with your top ten ranked from 1-10; I'm totally fine with being redirected to a ranked favourites list of sorts, if that's what you'd prefer.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this and replying, if you do.
Jul 25, 2021
whats your lastfm?
Jul 15, 2021
you are my FAVOURITE page on this website! Love your reviews!
Jun 22, 2021
Hey, I hope you're doing well.

I'm making a list and I'd love to know which album has had the greatest influence on your current taste in music? If you want, I'd also appreciate it if you could say exactly how it's made you grow/learn more as a listener (don't worry, you don't have to do this part).

Thank you for reading and answering, if you do.
Jun 13, 2021
Hello AOTY! im putting together a list of albums and i want your help

The question is
What is the best album to listen to on a roadtrip?
This isnt genre specific just have fun


100- Perfection
99-95 MasterPiece
94-90 Amazing
89-80 Great
79-70 Very Good
69-60 Good
59-50 Alright
49-40 Forgettable
39-30 Bad
29-20 Terrible
Less than 20 Awful

Seriously unreal, love you peeps.

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