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JayCrackers -
If Black Metal isn't black metal then what is Black Metal? Is Black Metal itself truly just an extension of Black Metal or is it a manifestation of something new and shouldn't be considered Black Metal. I ponder on Black Metal as a whole and the many forms of Black Metal and wonder if Black Metal belongs within Black metal cuz it did influence Black Metal but is it right to say it is Black Metal and the growth of Black Metal has exteneded far beyond Black ... read more
JayCrackers -
Although for me doesn't quite stand up to Deceit, This Heat's debut is still some of the most avant-garde and experimental music i have heard. Drawing from so many different styles and genre for a revolutionary and compelling record which flows so seamlessly but creates such a cold ominous atmosphere filled with suspense and dread.

Track Review

Testcard (Blue) 7.5/10.
Horizontal Hold 9.5/10
Not Waving 9/10
Water 8/10
Twilight Furniture 8.5/10.
24 Track Loop 9.5/10
Diet of Worms ... read more
JayCrackers -
Although, they're were more interesting things happening within the 2000's Prog Rock movement then Second Life Syndrome, Riverside still manages to make a very tight melancholic and atmospheric release and even though i do prefer Fancis the Mute and Deadwing over this record it is not to say this one should be disregarded because it is consistently captivating and engaging and ultimately, every track on here is great.

Track Review

After 8/10
Volte-face 8/10
Conceiving You 9/10
Second Life ... read more
JayCrackers -
What a beautiful blend of Alternative Dance, Electronic and Rock with other influences ranging form Noise Rock, Electro-Industrial and Neo-Psychedelia for this noisy angry in your face release which is as nihilistic and politically charged Primal Scream has even been. Music for the rebellious.

Track Review

Kill All Hippies 10/10
Accelerator 9/10
Exterminator 8.5/10.
Swastika Eyes 9.5/10
Pills 8/10
Blood Money 8/10
Keep Your Dreams 8.5/10.
Insect Royalty 7.5/10.
MBV Arkestra (If They Move ... read more
JayCrackers -
Easily for me the best Magma record, the progressive in the self titled tracks are both insane and the minimal style creates this nice dark hypnotic soundscape which absorbs me completely and all the tracks although repetitive have so much going on in various sounds and ideas that the record never gets boring and offers so much in terms of technical display and to chew on in after thought.

Track Review

Kohntarkosz, Pt. 1 9/10
Ork alarm 9/10
Kohntarkosz, Pt. 2 9.5/10
Coltrane sundia ... read more
Nov 19, 2020
Thanks for the suggestion
Nov 18, 2020
what’s your favorite album of the year? i’m making a list
Nov 18, 2020
Thanks for the response, you've been added!
Nov 18, 2020
Got any suggestions for completely trash albums that are painful to listen to? I'm making a list to torture myself with,so i was wondering if you got something like that in mind.
Nov 18, 2020
Hey, what do you think the most over hated album of 2020 is? (for a list)
Nov 18, 2020
thank you jay for answering so quickly, i added your pick. hard agree with you...
here's the list if you wanna have a look: https://www.albumoftheyear.org/user/rater/list/29868/the-most-annoying-song-of-all-time-community-list/
Nov 17, 2020
hi JayCrackers, hope you're doing well! i'm making a list and i'd like you to participate. the question is: what is the most annoying song of all time?
Nov 6, 2020
Hey, whats your favorite album released in the 60’s. (For a list)
Nov 1, 2020
Hi, I just released my new Ep Yūgen (幽玄) It is made in ambient style so if you like this kind of music you can give it a chance if you want. I would be very happy to hear what are your thoughts about this record. Simple rating would be great too!! Thank you and sorry for bothering ^.^

Here is a link to Ep: https://soundcloud.com/hubert-dobrych-op/sets/y-gen
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99-95 MasterPiece
94-90 Amazing
89-80 Great
79-70 Very Good
69-60 Good
59-50 Alright
49-40 Forgettable
39-30 Bad
29-20 Terrible
Less than 20 Awful
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