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Feb 17, 2020
Delain's Apocalypse & Chill (strange name) is the 7th Studio Album by the Symphonic Metal band and well it is a solid addition to their discography and to the genre but it's not their best work but contains some good guitar riffs and upbeat melodies to create a sound which reflects the album title (strangely)

Track Review

One Second 7/10
We Had Everything 7.5/10
Chemical Redemption 7/10
Burning Bridges 7/10
Vengeance 7/10
To Live Is to Die 7.5/10
Let's Dance 6.5/10
Creatures 7/10
Ghost ... read more
Feb 17, 2020
This album does have it moments where i am actually impressed, but this moments are few and far between and it makes Carousel feel like an album with no clear direction and just messy overall. This in my opinion could of been a very good art pop record but it is ultimately fades away into the background.

Track Review

Be Somebody Else 6/10
Carousel 6/10
Run 5/10
Imaginary Nation 5.5/10
Howling at the Moon 6/10
I Surrender 5.5/10
Algohythm 5.5/10
Snake Oil 5/10
Super Blue Blood Moon ... read more
Feb 17, 2020
This is common denominator indie pop with no flavor or anything to separate themselves from any other pop artist. Don't worry people will listen to this a lot because it is simple "fun" music. I will continue to ask though why does this get alot of plays and some go pop records go completely unnoticed. It kind of makes me upset in a way as someone who loves music and spends way too much time listening to, I wish others would expand their musical taste more instead of going for the ... read more
Feb 17, 2020
I mean it is alright but it just nothing really that good about. It is just forgettable downtempo which is alright to listen to but just doesn't justify the 45 minutes i spent listening to it

Track Review

Concrete and Glass 5.5/10
Back To Your Heart 6/10
We Forgot Love 5/10
What Makes Me Think About You 5/10
Time On My Hands 5.5/10
The Foundation 5.5/10
Catch Yourself Falling 5.5/10
The Border 5/10
Turn Right, Turn Left 5/10
Cité Radieuse 5/10

Average: 5.3/10
Feb 17, 2020
October Drift's debut Forever Whatever, is a solid entry for the Alternative Rock band, bringing older sounds of rock to the modern age effectively to create an enjoyable debut where i can see the band only improving from here on out

Track Review

Losing My Touch 7.5/10
Oh the Silence 7.5/10
Cherry Red 7/10
Don't Give Me Hope 7/10
Just Got Caught 7/10
Milky Blue 7/10
Cinnamon Girl 7.5/10
Naked 7.5/10
Forever Whatever 7.5/10
The Past 7/10

Average: 7.3/10
Feb 15, 2020
How do you listen to so much music, holy shit
Feb 15, 2020
Thank you all, for a 100 followers. I genuinely love this website and the people on it so Thank you again and hope you have the a good 2020 :)
Feb 13, 2020
Me and AZIZ have dropped a new song, please check it out:
Feb 3, 2020
love your dedication, i see your reviews on almost every album page lol
Jan 30, 2020
Man, you've been busy listening this year. I need to catch up.
Dec 24, 2019
Thanks dude, much appreciated
Dec 18, 2019
I like your short reviews
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