Various Artists - Album of the Year (User's Music Compilation) VOLUME 2
Apr 10, 2020
This is such a mixed bag that i think 50 seems like an appropriate rating. There are great songs on here and painfully awful ones, all across countless genres. Talking about every track at length would take absurdly long so I'm going to just do what Toasterqueen did and rank them all.

1. Track 7 (This song is such an earworm)
2. Track 13 (The switchup on this song is executed so well)
3. Track 6 (I love u WOHO. Great song but the mixing is kinda rough)
4. Track 19 (The production on this song is incredible and it sounds way more cleanly mixed and mastered than a lot of the tracks)
5. Track 17 (An undeniable banger from the legendary Yung Schmoobin)
6. Track 14 (These synths sound crisp as hell)
7. Track 22 (Very light and airy sounding. A really nice vibe)
8. Track 21 (Why does this work so well?)
9. Track 2 (It's vibey)
10. Track 4 (This is a demo and definitely sounds like it but the ideas on here are great. I love how dirty the guitars sound)
11. Track 25 (Ireland)
12. Track 12 (Nice piano I wish this was longer)
13. Track 10 (Interesting song)
14. Track 1 (A decent little ambient intro)
15. Track 24 (The strings sound nice)
16. Track 11 (Kind of on the verge of being a vibe and just being boring)
17. Track 5 (Cool melodies but the drums are way too buried and the bells sound out of tune which is kind of distracting)
18. Track 15 (really distracting sample)
19. Track 23 (First half is good but the mixing is really rough and the 2nd half is such a blatant Tyler ripoff.)
20. Track 18 (FEET ARE THE BEST)
21. Track 16 (If this placement seems confusing I'd rather have music be entertainingly bad than just boring.)
22. Track 8 (It exists)
23. Track 27 (Nice for a bit but why did this have to be 9 minutes)
24. Track 26 (BORING)
25. Track 20 (Kill me)
26. Track 3 (I just kinda sat there with a blank expression on my face for the whole 5 minutes of this song.)
27. Track 9 (What kinda loser made this shit)
Apr 10, 2020
Thanks for your thoughts on track 4 my dude! :D
Apr 10, 2020
No problem. I didn't even know that was you lol
Apr 10, 2020
Wait a minute! I'm track 19! Thank you so much
Apr 10, 2020
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4d ago
Thank you, very cool
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