AOTY 2021
Jecole85 -
Crack-Up is dense, overwhelming, subtle, and cinematically grand. We starts from a place of uncertainty with jumbled ideas stitched together. Over the course of an hour we find a space of clarity, with optimistic melodies and massive horn swells.
Jecole85 -
Sleep-deprived, eyes closed on a red-eye flight may not be the standard or preferred way to first experience an Avalanches record, but my god was it amazing.

I didn't expect the journey I was about to depart on for the next hour. I felt the textures of sound and saw colors swirling on my eyelids. I felt like a child roaming around a crowded city going from shop to shop - taking in what each piece of music was communicating before heading on to the next. I felt nostalgia along with discovery - ... read more
Jecole85 -
Perfectly beautiful, haunting, profound, and eerie. A highly crafted bookend to the most important musical catalog in rock n roll.
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