Maggie Lindemann - SUCKERPUNCH
Feels like it is teasing and building toward a heavier sound with a bit more edge and personality. However, it rarely reaches that place.
Highlights include she knows it, self sabotage, novocaine, you're not special, hear me out.
Would have liked to hear a little more edge and personality across the album. With only three of the fifteen songs reaching the 3 minute mark, I would have preferred another EP with more fleshed out ideas than a somewhat empty feeling full length LP.
Ethel Cain - Preacher's Daughter
I love the concept. I love the execution. I loved the build up and anticipation.

This album feels like the fulfillment of a promise. Ethel Cain has been developing a persona and sound for years on her previous EPs and demos. On "Preacher's Daughter" we hear the full realization of a project years in the work, masterfully crafted to take you on an admittedly tedious ride.

I love a good concept album. And for Preacher's Daughter, the character and narrative of the album were ... read more

Stand Atlantic - F.E.A.R. (Fuck Everything And Run)
I like this album a lot.

I have been a casual listener of Stand Atlantic for years, seeing them as a breath of fresh air from the cookie-cutter style of many pop-punk bands. But despite a few solid and fun singles on their previous two LPs (Blurry, Hate Me Sometimes, Coffee at Midnight), the Stand Atlantic catalogue has felt lacking.

Then I saw the words "Pity Party (Hyperpunk Remix)." For context, I love the hyperpop genre for its energy and creativity. And I love pop-punk. So I ... read more

Stand Atlantic - Pink Elephant
I will happily revisit "Hate Me (Sometimes)," "Like That," and "Blurry" but the album as a whole doesn't reach the potential Stand Atlantic has shown before and since its release.
Fall Out Boy - Infinity on High
It is easy to look on the albums from our youth with the rose coloured glasses of nostalgia.
15 years later, is "infinity on high" as good as remembered?
For once, I actually think it is.
This album remains fun from front to back. (Mostly the front, with the best tracks stacked in the first half of the album.)
Snail Mail - Valentine
The comforting familiarity of a warm blanket. Though it released 2 weeks ago, each song lures you in with the allure of the coziest coffee shop. This might be my favourite listening experience of 2021.
Hinder - Extreme Behavior
This was my favourite album when I was a kid, and it's hard to separate the music from the nostalgia I feel when I listen to it. If this came out today, I'd probably cringe at the lyrics and forget the songs and move on. But it didn't come out today, and 2005 was a different time for music. This album was a critical miss but went platinum. I don't know what to say about it. Do I recommend it? No. Do I think it's a classic? No. Do I still enjoy listening to it? A little bit. (Nostalgia is a hell ... read more
Papa Roach - Getting Away with Murder
Even the title track "Getting Away with Murder" and the bleeding heart "Scars" have lost their shine with time. What once felt like quintessential songs within the genre of rock and hard rock, they're now relics gathering dust.
Papa Roach - Lovehatetragedy
This is a gem of an album when looking back at the early years of Papa Roach. Showing hints of their turn toward more mainstream hard rock and less nu-metal than Infest, Lovehatetragedy includes some of what I consider the best songs from the band. Time and Time Again, Walking Thru Barbed Wire, and She Loves Me Not hold up against the test of time.
Papa Roach - Infest
If you were listening to hard rock in the early 2000's, Papa Roach was probably in your rotation. If you're revisiting "classic" nu-metal, 'Between Angels and Insects' and 'Last Resort' are hard hitters from the genre and fun listens even if just for the nostalgia. The rest of the album? Forgettable and mediocre fare from a genre that didn't get better with age.
Jeff Rosenstock - SKA DREAM
I give it a 7/10, but the concept itself is worth an extra half point.
Baby Queen - The Yearbook
Forgettable at it's worst, but when it's high it soars. "Dover Beach" and "These Drugs" mark a turning point from a project that could easily have been overlooked. Worth giving a second chance if it didn't get you the first time (me).
Poppy - Flux
In the landscape of everything Poppy has released since "I Disagree" in early 2020, "Flux" feels like a stepping stone and not a full destination album. Before "Flux" she released 2 EPs (a Holiday EP and a more hardcore EP for NXT), 2 cover singles, a deluxe reissue of "I Disagree" and a soundtrack album to her graphic novel.
Among those projects, nothing approached what she achieved with "I Disagree," but it was cool to see her taking creative ... read more
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