Bartees Strange - Farm to Table
Jun 17, 2022
Uhhhhh I’m insanely rusty at this reviewing shit but just stay with me. I felt like I should say something about this album.

“Farm to table” by Bartees Strange is a follow up to his breakout debut “Live forever” which placed # 2 in my album of the year list for 2020. Not only was this an album that connected with me emotionally right away, It was also an album that effortlessly mixed a melting pot of genres showing nothing but incredible execution on all fronts. While genre-hopping is something that more & more people are trying nowadays, Bartees remains the best at doing so.

Farm to table continues Bartees’s virtuosity as he genre hops on this just as much as Live Forever. Also similar to Live forever, this is an album that checks off cohesion as the whole thing is concise & straight to the point, diving into Bartees’s life after Live forever.

And if you think about it, Bartees has a lot to unpack. At the start of 2020 he went was working a 9-5 and by the end of the year he became one of the key faces to look out for in indie, touring with Phoebe Bridgers, Car seat headrest & Courtney Barnett. If that isn’t an inspiring story I don’t know what is.

My admiration for Bartees however, does not just end with the fact that he can dip his feet into whatever he wants and nail it. Throughout the 10 track 34 minute listen, Bartees dabbles into so many different styles. (Rock, Synthpop, Hip-Hop, Americana etc. ) Yet the most impressive thing about it all is that he’s able to create a very rewarding experience out of it to the point where EVERY SINGLE stylistic detour makes sense sort of like what Big Thief did on their record earlier this year.

Seeing Bartees grow as an artist these past couple years has been so beautiful. I still remember that October night in the most overwhelming year of my life & while Farm to Table does take me back to that time, it simultaneously reminds me to keep looking forward.

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