Poppy - I Disagree
Jan 9, 2020

I want to start by directly responding to Exclaim! and their criticisms of this record. Yes, this is a gimmick. It *was* a novelty concoction designed to be noticed. Trite? Maybe. Lazy? I Disagree.

This is a very good album.

The singles and marketing of I Disagree would have you believe this is an artistic evolution for Poppy. Realistically it's more like an artistic detour. This is still very much a Poppy album in it's truest form. It's catchy, bizarre, and the girl presenting it is just as captivating as ever. There's a healthy dose of edginess here, but you can tell by just how dramatic the cover is that it isn't something meant to be taken so seriously. Understandably this isn't going to appeal to everyone that may have been a fan of her other music. Poppy became a one trick pony as X, Scary Mask, and Concrete were all the same song structurally. To secure herself a place in the rock scene was going to require a change. Some pizzaz, if you will. It wasn't until Bloodmoney that I felt we were finally getting that pizazz and she stopped relying so heavily on shock factor.

And that isn't to say Poppy's standard metal formula doesn't appear on I Disagree...because it does. Concrete serves as the album's opener, and the title track is fairly predictable as well. However, the soft-to-heavy gimmick is presented in a much more standardized way on this album. Instead of the switch up happening among the individual tracks it becomes part of the album's overall structure. This allows some songs to focus on being aggressive without necessarily needing a cooldown on the verse. The aforementioned Bloodmoney being one of the most notable examples of this. It's my favorite track on the album because of how brutal and chaotic it is without ever letting up.

Since all of side A has been released as promotional tracks, I'm going to focus on side B since I haven't talked about it yet. Sit/Stay is a spooky song about feeling boxed in. There's so much urgency packed into this track from the speeding synths to the menacing riffs. It feels hellishly claustrophobic and concludes with a wall of harsh noise that leaves you feeling small and helpless. Bite Your Teeth is another gutpuncher that instantly became one of my favorite Poppy tracks. There's so much I love about this song. It's groovy, heavy, and I couldn't resist dancing along to it on my relistens. After all this time we're finally seeing Poppy come into her own as an artist, and even if she isn't doing something all that unique the songs bop so hard that I just don't care. There're a handful of ballads on the second half of the record. Nothing I Need is the most basic song on the album so I don't have much to say about it other than I like the instrumental. On the other hand, Sick of the Sun is a much more interesting track in my opinion. I remember watching the solar eclipse back in 2017 and this song perfectly encapsulates how I felt during that event. The guitars feel cool and distant while the vocals bring some bright warmth to the mix. It's really amazing when music can capture a feeling like that. The closing track Don't Go Outside is another interesting moment. It has a modern Ozzy feel to it, with plucky strings and epic guitar solos. I really can't think of a better way to end the album. It's powerful without going overboard and felt very satisfying.

Even if the lack of originality and basic lyricism does knock off a few points for me, this is still one of the best records I've heard of it's kind. I picked up on some obvious influences such as Marilyn Manson, Slipknot, and maybe even Billie Eilish. If you like any of those artists you should definitely give this album a listen. I Disagree is a pop album through and through, so if you go into it expecting nothing more than catchy songs I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.


Favorite track(s): BLOODMONEY, Bite Your Teeth, Fill The Crown, Sit/Stay, Don't Go Outside, I Disagree

Least favorite track: Nothing I Need
Jan 11, 2020
Best review I've seen on this album. Hell I wouldn't even call this album gimmicky either. This thing is addicting and makes me want to keep coming back to it
Jan 11, 2020
Thanks a lot man I appreciate it! <3
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