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jimmylikesmusic -
mmm this review is gonna be long i can already tell
So uh I just woke up and I'm still mildly drowsy but I wanted to do a re-review for this thing. I think it pretty much goes without saying at this point that I like Porter's music a lot. I'm not very good at hiding it really, plus if you check my 100s to which as I'm writing this there are only 10, both Nurture and Worlds are there and I've even gone as far as to list Worlds as my favorite album of all time. So I guess I might as well write a ... read more

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jimmylikesmusic -
my favorite album of all time
jimmylikesmusic -
While I like the sound of this album quite a bit, a majority of the reason I didn't like this record as much as I might have is the lack of variety and ambition throughout the majority of the project. What Men I Trust essentially do on this album is make one very atmospheric and dreamy track after another with no real major differences to the songs to the point where a lot of this album just starts to blend together. An album like this would be hard to justify at half it's length, but as a ... read more
jimmylikesmusic -
So this is an "album" that my dad actually recommended I check out and uh... it's good!
While this is a little inconsistent at points with me thinking that the first few songs and last few songs on the album were just decent and the rest was really good, I did enjoy this overall, the only thing about it is nothing really impressed me at all. There's some nice songs on here, some surprisingly good songwriting even if a lot of it is a little dated these days, but overall this is just a ... read more
jimmylikesmusic -
Despite it occasionally getting a little repetitive, Retired from Sad, New Career in Business is easily one of Mitski's most consistent and interesting projects to date. After Mitski's phenomenal debut Lush, this album essentially proved just how much potential she had as an artist (even if her discography following this record was a little inconsistent). The vocals on here are haunting, the instrumentals are some of the most harrowing and unsettling instrumentals in all of Mitski's music, and ... read more
jimmylikesmusic -
Wow... people really love this one.
I can certainly see why. For one thing, I had no plans on listening to this tonight, I had other things planned that I wanted to do but seeing as how this currently has a 91 USER SCORE I decided to give the first couple tracks a shot just to get an idea of what I was getting myself into. So I threw on the first track which was this very grandiose and epic opener that I quite liked. Then I decided to listen to Woman, and then Two Worlds Apart, and before I ... read more


Aug 29, 2021
hey, you are valid no matter what and I support whatever decision you make <3
Aug 12, 2021
hi jimmy!!! my new EP is out, I thought i’d let you know :D
Aug 4, 2021
I am spookshow reviews indeed
Jul 28, 2021

I have a new single out! love it if you listened :DDD
Jun 27, 2021
Hey, I saw that you like Hideri and Twin Fantasy too. It made me want to message you, I know that’s a bit weird, but I think we would be good friends.
Jun 10, 2021
I also like my dog
Jun 6, 2021
hey jimmy! i just released a new EP and I'd love if you'd check it out! if not, thats okay too :D
Jun 5, 2021
Hello Jimmy! My new EP is out now streaming on SoundCloud! I was wondering if I could see what you think of it or when you have the free time. Thanks and I hope you enjoy it! <3
May 31, 2021
IT'S RISKR!!!!!!
May 5, 2021
Okay, Thanks for the answer


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