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RiskR - Lost
Jun 6

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jimmylikesmusic -
mmm this review is gonna be long i can already tell
So uh I just woke up and I'm still mildly drowsy but I wanted to do a re-review for this thing. I think it pretty much goes without saying at this point that I like Porter's music a lot. I'm not very good at hiding it really, plus if you check my 100s to which as I'm writing this there are only 10, both Nurture and Worlds are there and I've even gone as far as to list Worlds as my favorite album of all time. So I guess I might as well write a ... read more

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jimmylikesmusic -
if you think this is better than face to face you dont have ears
jimmylikesmusic -
one of the dreamiest and most beautiful pieces of music I've ever heard
I'm not entirely sure how to put this album into words, mainly because of its length so all I'll say is this: the ending of this album makes the whole 35 minutes worth it. The album was amazing prior to the last 4 or so minutes but once everything from the album starts to come together it's just absolute perfection. Long Season is a dreamy 35 minute musical adventure and one that can only ever really be explained if you ... read more
jimmylikesmusic -
While I can see why many people really love an album like Microphones in 2020 the honest truth is that I will never return to this album. It's far too long for me to ever just casually throw it on and I'm not half as personally invested in Phil's life as some people are so in general this album just didn't really do much for me. It's a cool idea, without a doubt, but do I think it's that great of an album? Ehhh not really. Still worth a listen if you're curious though.
jimmylikesmusic -
I have now listened to three Taylor Swift albums in the past 2 days and it's really starting to make me lose what's left of my sanity, someone please help me, I can't go on like this... I just can't.. please.. is anyone out the-

As far as the tracks go it's definitely got some misses, I'd say around half the album is misses actually but when the songs on here hit they are so. fucking. good. Lover is filled to the brim with beautiful pop songs that sound like ... read more
jimmylikesmusic -
This is definitely one I'm gonna be giving more re-listens as time goes on but as of right now I just do not get the hype at all. I thought a lot of the songs on here sound similar and I don't like Lorde's voice much at all and is a major downside of the record for me. Regardless, I still can't deny the fact that this album has some absolutely beautiful songs on it like Writer In The Dark. As a whole though this album is just too stripped back for me personally and is also too mixed in terms of ... read more


Jun 10, 2021
I also like my dog
Jun 6, 2021
hey jimmy! i just released a new EP and I'd love if you'd check it out! if not, thats okay too :D
Jun 5, 2021
Hello Jimmy! My new EP is out now streaming on SoundCloud! I was wondering if I could see what you think of it or when you have the free time. Thanks and I hope you enjoy it! <3
May 31, 2021
IT'S RISKR!!!!!!
May 5, 2021
Okay, Thanks for the answer
May 4, 2021
Jimmy, can you explain a bit, why you didn’t enjoy Lipstick?🥺 I mean, it’s catchy and fun so it’s a thing that it’s quite hard to dislike. I mean, you might not really like it but 30 in your rating scale feels very harsh. It’s like, it was one of the worst albums you’ve ever heard, which i don’t know how it is even possible:(
What is this factor that you don’t enjoy?
Look at my ratings, i’m usually very harsh, and i’m not usually keen ob popular music, and yet i gave it a 100. I thought that many of you would like it but for now i’m really dissapointed and i don’t know what’s going on. Oh, And, if you wanna say „it’s just boring” don’t bother answering, i want your thoughts about what made you dislike it that much, in order to understand your feelings okaaay?😔
May 4, 2021
Apr 26, 2021
Thank you for participating in my list!! Here's the link:
Apr 24, 2021
First impressions are key when it comes to albums. A good opener can really open your eyes and let the listener know what is in store for them, a bad opener, on the other hand, can put a bad taste in the listener's mouth and ruin the experience for them.

Which brings me to my question for my list: What is your favorite album opener of all time and why? (only choose one, and please give the artist, album, and song name)
Apr 1, 2021


a teenager that sits in the corner of his bedroom listening to music instead of doing schoolwork.

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