Alice Merton - Mint
Jan 18, 2019
First impressions are that this was a great choice for the opening track on Merton's debut LP. It has good, cool, catchy music and instantly memorable words. Her vocal range is much wider than she showed on the singles from this album. It's making me think of Haim and Florence and the Machine so far, and I kinda love this track. 2 Kids has lovely and remarkably honest lyrics. The chorus is quite nice, but a little less exciting the chorus might suggest. It picks back up towards the end. No Roots!! I love this track! It really shows Merton at her full power, and packs a powerful punch. Really great piece of songwriting and production. Funny Business has cool effects and backup vocals, and a catchy chorus. Homesick is the outcome of honest songwriting, and it shows. With dancier music than the rest of the album, it picks up from the slightly slow Funny Business. I really like this song! LASH OUT!! My favourite of the singles!! It is just incredible, and on another level to rest of the album entirely! What an amazing chorus!! So catchy! This reminds me a bit more of Janelle Monae and maybe Jade Bird. Hightlight of the album so far by far. In my opinion, from what I have heard so far, she put the three best songs out as the singles, which means that my expectations were quite high, and they are being mildly let down. Each of the individual songs are good, and some are great but together they havent created something remarkable. Speak your mind is shady, aggressive and sassy, and Merton has changed her persona on this song. This one feels like it could have fitted onto Little Mix's most recent album. I like it though. Quite spacey, and more mature and developed than the other songs. With sort of a Britney Spears vibe as well. I Dont Hold A Grudge is lyrically and musically a masterpiece and exhibits the talent Merton showed on the singles. I really like this!! Merton is really exploiting the fact that its her debut album to try out a bit of everything genre wise and also music and sound affects wise. Really interesting. Honeymoon Heartbreak is a bit nicer and gentler than the rest of the album. Has more mature lyrics, and makes her seem a bit more genuine. Quite angsty style, and quite witching houry. Quite creepy. Trouble in Paradise shows once again her angsty side, but the lyrics are less exciting. The bom-bom-boms are very catchy. Trouble in Paradise is probably the weakest song on the album, but it picks up half way though into an emerging rock song. It has redeemed itself on the bridge, but the chorus is pretty weak. And then to top it all off, Why So Serious, my second favourite song of 2018! It's just amazing!

Best Tracks - No Roots, Why So Serious, Lash Out, I Dont Hold A Grudge, Homesick
Worst Tracks - Trouble in Paradise, 2 Kids, Funny Business
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