Maggie Rogers - Heard It In A Past Life
Jan 18, 2019
Give a Little is really nice and sets a nice theme for the album, and let's you know exactly what to expect for the rest of Heard it in a past life. Give a little is catchy and sounds great, production wise. Overnight is catchier too, and it's much more pop than I was expecting from the singles and other reviews. Honest Lyrics, Good Music. Her voice doesnt sound like anybody elses, and the words are very Maggie Rogers, making it a good track for the debut album. The Knife is very much all the good things about the first two tracks plus more! Really nice music and interesting concepts. Alaska is the reason this whole album was created, and it shows that her songwriting has got much better since, because it isnt particularly interesting musically or lyrically. Looking at the credits, the 3 first tracks are produced by Greg Kurstin, and Alaska isnt, so I think Kurstin has really helped Rogers create a perfect folk pop. Light On really is a masterpiece, that only someone like Rogers could have come up with. it very much comes from the heart, and would make a perfect Festival headline set. Kurstin returns to production for this track, and the album has instantly picked back up again. I think Greg Kurstin deserves a lot of recognition for the success of Rogers music sales (as well from her unique songwriting). Such a well done song. Past Life is the only track written and produced soley by Rogers, and it shows because it is really emotional and definitely a good choice for the title track. Very moving, so the lack of production actually is really nice. Sometimes just 4 chords on a piano is nicer than full production. Say It is really good and has a certain something about it that makes it feel like it is very different to the rest of the album, and it is very nice and satisfying to listen to. Many other reviews have compared her to Halsey which I just dont see and I think her voice is incredibly different to anything else on the current spectrum. On and Off was my favourite of all the singles, and it feels like it was recorded outside which is pretty cool. What a good chorus!! One of the many highlights of HIAPL!! Really loving this album. Fallingwater is really beautiful and well done and there isnt much else to say that hasnt already been said. The album gets better with every song which is unusual for an album this long. There are no filler songs on this album. Retrograde is confident and assured and just very good. Again sounds really nice because Kurstin has returned. It really does make all the difference. God, Im actually so in love with this entire album!! Lovely lyrics and she exhibits her amazing voice in Retrograde. Burning has an opening not unsimilar to Superorganism which is quite different but then swiftly returns to her usual sound. Much more dance based and I love it! Assured words, Rogers shows how fearless she is in Burning! And it has paid off because it has to be one of my favourite songs ever!!!! Unrelated but just a moment to appreciate how beautiful the cover is. I think the cover really reflects the sound of the album which is so amazing! Okay, the final song, I'm looking for a big finish. Mature lyrics, thought about music, confident theme about finding yourself. Really a great end to a great album. I'm so happy that Rogers is starting to gain the mainstream success that she deserves.

Best Tracks - Give a Little, Overnight, Light On, Past Life, On and Off, Fallingwater
Worst Track - Alaska
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