Pedro The Lion - Phoenix
Jan 18, 2019
Yellow bike runs straight on from the instrumental album opener Sunrise seamlessly, and has really creative honest lyrics. This album has been 15 years in the making, which is literally longer than my lifetime, so I hope it has been worth it. Yellow Bike has the feel of bubbly childhood in suburban America. Pure bliss. Clean Up gives the listener an exact idea of the life of the writer and lead singer David Bazan. Track 4 Powerful Taboo, I don't feel the lyrics really made the point the writers thought they were making, and as nice as it sounds, I feel like this is more of a filler song. Model Homes has really insightful lyrics, and a catchy chorus. Model Homes is based off a really interesting metaphor. I think that the first 5 tracks symbolize and show that this album is the result of 15 years of hard work. Piano Bench is a sort of interlude that feels like a Frank Sinatra song remastered by someone like Foals, and it works. Circle K is a heartwarming tale of the frustrations of childhood. It is entirely relatable to almost everybody who listens to it. Quiestest friend has really cool guitar background music and (again...) relatable to everybody. Really honest lyrics. Tracing the Grid left me entirely cold. Just average indie-rock with nothing particularly remarkable. First song on the album I've not been interested it. Black Canyon has nice music that would be really nice to listen to in a small venue. It's quite long, which means it could have been a bit more interesting musically, as it doesnt progress very much. My Phoenix picks the album up again, and the noisy guitar riffs and loud intense vocals make this the most rock song on the album. All Seeing Eye is really good and has a nice production on it. The lyrics are clear and confident, and the music builds over the course of the 3 minutes. I liked that one. From the last song, Leaving The Valley I hope it picks up again for the ending. It's nice, but seeing as the last couple songs have been downbeat, it could do with picking up again, which I feel is unlikely to happen in the next 3 minutes. Didnt pick up. Just faded off. Disappointing Ending.

Best Tracks - Yellow Bike, Piano Bench, Circle K, Quietest Friend, All Seeing Eye
Worst Tracks - Powerful Taboo, Tracing The Grid, Black Canyon
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