Sascha Funke & Niklas Wandt - Wismut
Jan 17, 2019
Die Sage is a little different to the other dance albums I have listened to in 2019, and I think I prefer it. It doesnt sound like I could have made it, it has actually interesting production and sound effects, and seeing as the opening track is 9 minutes long, it gives it a long time to develop. If you skipped every 3 minutes in this song, it could sound like you were listening to different songs, but somehow they blend together to make an impressive piece of music. Lobotomie is less interesting so far, but as with Die Sage it could develop into something good. This one is a little more generic, but also more different, and thats because Funke and Wandt-Wismut are doing simple things effectively, unlike some other artists who do simple things and they sound terrible. Okay, the voiceover is really creepy. Its starting to sound more like a protest than music, like some kind of art collective or sinister organisation. I dont like Lobotomie as much, which is a shame, seeing as it had such a strong opening. The next track is fairly generic too. Ooh halfway through it suddenly picked up! This is great, how is this the same artist as track 2?? Has a slow ending rather than an exciting one, but it kind of works.

Positives - Very sonically cohesive
Negatives - Fairly generic in some places
Best Tracks - Die Sage, Umarmong Auz Holz
Worst Tracks - Lobotomie, Fur Die Paar Heller
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