Feb 15, 2019
One More Goodbye is a masterpiece, and deserves every piece of critical recognition there is!
Jan 18, 2019
Yellow bike runs straight on from the instrumental album opener Sunrise seamlessly, and has really creative honest lyrics. This album has been 15 years in the making, which is literally longer than my lifetime, so I hope it has been worth it. Yellow Bike has the feel of bubbly childhood in suburban America. Pure bliss. Clean Up gives the listener an exact idea of the life of the writer and lead singer David Bazan. Track 4 Powerful Taboo, I don't feel the lyrics really made the point the writers ... read more
Jan 18, 2019
Give a Little is really nice and sets a nice theme for the album, and let's you know exactly what to expect for the rest of Heard it in a past life. Give a little is catchy and sounds great, production wise. Overnight is catchier too, and it's much more pop than I was expecting from the singles and other reviews. Honest Lyrics, Good Music. Her voice doesnt sound like anybody elses, and the words are very Maggie Rogers, making it a good track for the debut album. The Knife is very much all the ... read more
Jan 18, 2019
First impressions are that this was a great choice for the opening track on Merton's debut LP. It has good, cool, catchy music and instantly memorable words. Her vocal range is much wider than she showed on the singles from this album. It's making me think of Haim and Florence and the Machine so far, and I kinda love this track. 2 Kids has lovely and remarkably honest lyrics. The chorus is quite nice, but a little less exciting the chorus might suggest. It picks back up towards the end. No ... read more
Jan 17, 2019
Die Sage is a little different to the other dance albums I have listened to in 2019, and I think I prefer it. It doesnt sound like I could have made it, it has actually interesting production and sound effects, and seeing as the opening track is 9 minutes long, it gives it a long time to develop. If you skipped every 3 minutes in this song, it could sound like you were listening to different songs, but somehow they blend together to make an impressive piece of music. Lobotomie is less ... read more
Jan 17, 2019
First impressions are a nice guitar sound and technique, and nice but slightly quiet words. I also very much like the album cover, as it has me asking myself questions.
Birthday Party is a subtle but confident indie song. It doesnt jump off the page as indie, and sort of fits into funk I would say. Again, Track 2 - Orca, the words are to quiet for the music. I think so far the only weakness is the production (which after a bit of digging I have found Yoodoo Park does himself). Apart from the ... read more
Jan 17, 2019
Despite a few high points, the slightly catchy words couldn't save this from being an entirely generic dance album. Really wasn't bringing anything new to the table. After looking through their spotify portfolio, I have discovered that it is their second studio album, but it sounds like a slightly shambolic debut album. They class themselves as Kpop but their voices sound very latin, which is another factor just showing they havent found themselves as a group yet.

Best Track(s) - Love Wheel, ... read more
Jan 16, 2019
With extraordinarily honest and beautiful lyrics, Holly Palmer makes a welcome return to music after a 6 year music hiatus. This album is just amazing.

Best Track - Family
Jan 12, 2019
I haven't watched this film yet, but I can imagine that the plot never progresses like the music. There aren't any particularly dramatic bits for a soundtrack of a film that describes itself as a thriller.
Jan 12, 2019
Such a nice album. Listened to this a couple days ago and at that point it was my favourite LP of 2019!
Jan 12, 2019
An amazing hip-hop album!! Finally! Different themes, honest lyrics, love this!
Jan 12, 2019
Quite nice, But nothing remarkable. Beautiful voice though, Kpop continues to surprise me!

Best Track - Do You Love Me
Jan 12, 2019
This album has a real Indie recorded-in-a-basement sound to it which is really cool and makes the whole album flow beautifully. It's a really diverse, interesting, eclectic piece of work.

Best Track(s) - Hard Bargain & Meet Me At Penn Station
Jan 12, 2019
Just an entirely generic rap album. Themes were boring and repetitive, Music was uninteresting, and What Goes Around consists of about 3 words, which sort of reflects the whole album. It could have been written in 10 minutes.

Best Track - Malmo T London (which was the only one that I did't dislike)
Jan 12, 2019
I've never heard anything like this! I think it's safe to say I am a Clypso fan! What a great debut EP! So excited to see what she does next! It sounds great, has interesting lyrics, great interprative music, all round amazing!

Best Track(s) - Strange Behaviour, Middle Ground & Bounty
Jan 9, 2019*
Utterly AMAZING!!! Definitely my favourite album of the year so far. Don't Kill My High and When We Were Young are both amazing! Great words, great music, all round a good dance album. Well worth a listen!!

Best Track(s) - Don't Kill My High & When We Were Young
Jan 9, 2019*
This is a beautiful album lyrically,but the actual music left me entirely cold. It's a shame that the music was unextraordinary because if the gorgeous lyrics had been paired with the right kind of music, then it could have been amazing.

Best Track - La Apuesta
Jan 9, 2019
God-Awful!! I have never listened to a metal album in my life because I thought it would be terrible, and Legion of The Damned have confirmed this. Among the worst hours of my entire life. Please dont listem to this!!!
Jan 7, 2019
An interesting rock album with different themes and lyrics than any other on the radar right now.Really interesting.

Best Track - Lillianna
Jan 4, 2019
I listened to this directly after Dermot Kennedy's new album and it followed straight on and if I'm being honest I didn't notice a new album had started. It was pleasant but also quite dull. I think it was of exactly the same standard as other average folk albums like Kennedy.

Best Track - Sinkhole
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