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Women - Women
Jun 26
Phoenix - Ti Amo
Ti Amo
Jun 24
Primus - Antipop
Jun 20

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 - Bangarang
Bangarang is possibly one of the greatest singles of the 2010s, incorporating a wide variety of genres such as dubstep, electronic music, and many other influences. Never has a song so experimental and bold been widely accepted and listened to by mainstream audiences. Bangarang is harsh, emotional, and a deep look into the twisted mind of "DJ Skrillex". The lyrics are incredibly cryptic, but I'll try to explain in simplest terms what I interpret them to mean. The song starts with this ... read more

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 -  Honestly, Nevermind
This is fucking bad
Just Drake whining and being cringe over some ass house beats
Drake, I know you read all my reviews, please go back to paying people to make you mediocre rap

Best Song(s): Massive, Jimmy Cooks

Worst Song: Currents

 - Black Messiah
D’Angelos past albums have felt like nothing more than great vibe music
But Black Messiah feels like so much more than just background noise
It's much more fleshed out and cohesive than Voodoo and Brown Sugar
And D’Angelo sounds better than ever despite not being in the studio for quite some time
I hope that someday this will be appreciated just as much as Voodoo

Best Song(s): Ain't That Easy, The Charade, Sugah Daddy, Really Love, Back To The Future (Part I), betray My Heart, ... read more

 - Low
Low is, for now, my favorite Bowie album
The first half of the album is full of avant-pop earworms
Seemingly half complete, like Bowie couldn’t be bothered to finish them
The lyrics on these tracks are surprisingly impactful despite being so minimal
And the production on Low is some of the best I’ve ever heard
Especially with the infamous “explosive” drums
But Bowie soon disappears from the album as its overtaken by dark and longing ambiance
The second half segways to ... read more
 - First Utterance
First Utterance is maybe my favorite folk album of all time
The themes expose some of the darkest aspects of humanity
And the instrumentation is fantastic and utilizes a diverse set of ideas
The only complaint I have is that “The Prisoner” feels a bit out of place
Over 50 years later its relevance and freakiness have not waned one bit

Best Song(s): Diana, The Herald, Drip Drip, Song of Comus, The Bite

Worst Song: The Prisoner

 - A Light for Attracting Attention
This is literally A Moon Shaped Pool but math rock
The vocals are the typical Thom Yorke shtick
And the grooves are extremely precise and beautiful
The blend of electronic, math rock, and orchestral music is very well done
Just another great album from great musicians

Best Song(s): Speech Bubbles, Thin Thing, Open The Floodgates, Free In The Knowledge, We Don't Know What Tomorrow Brings

Worst Song: Waving a White Flag


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