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Gracie Abrams - Good Riddance
someone give these LA bedroom singer songwriter nepo babies some ketamine
black midi - Hellfire
Hellfire is black midi's most consistent project. The theme is clever and original. The songs pop, and feel like a refreshing take on an older style of music. It integrates much of what they have been doing on previous projects into a very ambitious full package. not overhyped. very fun. take a listen.

Edit (91 -> 96) PFFFSSSHHH this shit clicked heavy. This is the fastest paced rollercoaster of an album I might have ever heard. Every sound is perfect. This shit is incredible. Second half ... read more

black midi - Cavalcade
9.4 - Must Listen

“All I gotta say is... black midi, I wish you luck.” (reedy, Bright Green Field review, May 7, 2021.)

Well they got good luck.

Cavalcade is an album I have been highly anticipating this year, especially over the past 2 months. In March, I listened to Schlangenheim for the first time, and I was immediately floored by it’s energetic nature and unique, hard hitting style. However, I listened to this the same day as John L came out, and man what a track. ... read more

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