Vampire Weekend - Father of the Bride
May 2, 2019 (updated May 3, 2019)
"Father Of The Bride" is an album that showcases simplicity in the songwriting but compensates for being an extremely fun and compelling album. With a runtime of almost one hour, every track (and by that I mean EVERY TRACK) is addictive and amusing. There are some really creative production choices hidden throughout the album that I really appreciated because they give a lot more life to the songs. Overall, it's a really enjoyable project that I didn't actually expect to like but, in the end, I danced to every track. :)))

Edit: Shrunk a bit on further listens but it's still a very enjoyable album. Looking back at this album there's not really anything that I really remember about it. Some songs are bland and don't really have anything to it. By the 4th listen of the album I was just like "Ehhhh, this doesn't really match the score that I gave it...". The fun is still here tho, I just don't feel it as intensely as in the first listens. (Original Score: 82)
May 2, 2019
awesome review
May 2, 2019
Wow I was NOT expecting this. You've gotten me excited.
May 3, 2019
That's a significant drop. Jeez
May 3, 2019
@Jzahck I don't know, man. I was way too hyped in the first listens and now it fell down. I might lower it again tho...
May 3, 2019
There's no earthly way this even is below a 70, but that's just me. Sounds to me like you're disappointed it's not what you were wanting instead of disappointed in the actual material *shrugs*
May 3, 2019
@Jzahck as a massive fan of this album, I'm pretty sure that's not what's going on here. People change their minds and scores change. If someone isn't vibing with an album, then that's 100% fair. Opposite is also true.
May 3, 2019
I never listened to a Vampire Weekend album so I wasn't really expecting anything. It just became more and more bland with every listen.
May 4, 2019
@JoaoSantos @ElectricMess Totally fair points. I just wasn't personally sold on a drop that big that quick, but if that's the way you do things, go for it.
May 8, 2019
You should dip into their back catalog. This is pretty easily their weakest effort.
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