Fiona Apple - Fetch the Bolt Cutters
Apr 17, 2020
It's weird to be embroiled in all this hype while feeling absolutely nothing in regards to this album. Even weirder is that I love Fiona Apple and I love "The Idler Wheel" so it gets pretty hard to explain what I don't like about this project since they're both relatively similar.

At this point in her life, Fiona has already made a figure of herself, "filling the shoes" of her ideal persona. It's easy to generalize her songs as mostly piano ballads accompanied by articulated percussion, sure but, Fiona has always showcased a mastering of the arts of subtilty and detail, vocally and background-wise. In "The Idler Wheel", Fiona excels in this aspect, by presenting multiple emotions and personalities through her unique contralto voice.

And that, that's what I think is missing from this one. These little details that made me love her so much, the shaky voice, the high pitched squeaks, the sudden trills. The things that made me so interested in her. Sure, they're present, but I wish they played a bigger role.

Not only that but I also think "The Idler Wheel" represents a much better effort instrumentally and lyrically (although Fiona always shines on those two fields, I really can't complain).

In the end, I don't think there's anything remotably remarkable about this album since it just ends up sounding so forgettable. Although this might be a question of preference more thab anything, I decided to expose my opinion out there in hopes that someone would relate to it. I recognize that this isn't the best "review", and I might just sound like I'm forcing to be a contrarian but honestly, I just couldn't enjoy the album and that's pretty much it. ://

Thank you and have a good day. 👋
Apr 17, 2020
Joao wrote a resl review? This isn't right...what did you do with the real Joao...give him back...literally crying rn...
Apr 17, 2020
I think you should distance yourself from the general acclaim here and think of this album as a new side of fiona's personality instead of connecting it to your impression with other album like the Iddler Wheel (because realistically, she was at her most anger during when the pawn period. The iddler wheel crystalised everything she has at that time and crafted more meticulously. But she wasn't as angry as in when the pawn). Take your time, check the background of the album, listen other albums rather than pushing yourself hard in multiple listenings. If in weeks this album has no effect in you, then this is not for you. I had many times a problem with a lot of very liked album like Vespertine (yes vespertine, one of my favourite album now), the entire joanna newsom discography, wye oak last album, cocteau twins (I relistened cocteau twins like 3 years after my first attempt ... it was 8 years ago !).
So no big deal ;)
Apr 17, 2020
@WildChameleon Seeing the acclaim it's getting, I will certainly listen to it more times to try to get something from it since all I got in my latest listens was boredom. Still, I'm more than open to change and I really hope it clicks. Guess I just like the aggressiveness of The Idler Wheel more (at least when comparing first impressions). As for now I'll keep my review, maybe I'll delete it or edit it sooner or later...
Apr 17, 2020
Sometimes there are period were we are not good with music. For me it was few months, I couldn't listen something new without thinking "meh, next". So I just listened old albums until I found some albums or tracks that I like to play again and again and again. I during that period, I didn't listen something new, until shortly before confinement. Well, I found many release this year good but not enough, I enjoyed my listenings again. So sometimes it is good to distance yourself from the same pattern. Confinement can be an opportunity for that
Apr 17, 2020
@WildChameleon Feel like I'm on the same situation, actually. Asides from some exceptions I haven't really been able to enjoy new music, at least as much as I did.

Apr 17, 2020
I'm on your side, man. I couldn't enjoy it either. I feel like a sore thumb sticking out amongst all these 90+ ratings lmao. I'm gonna listen again today a couple more times, but if it doesn't click then, I'm just gonna give up on it. I'm like you though, I loved The Idler Wheel but this one seemed a little more "out there"...if that makes any sense.
Apr 17, 2020
@HoodieBraden That's totally understandable, and honestly I think the "out there"-ness of this album is part of why it really appeals to me. Ultimately, I guess I think we should all give this one some more listens before coming to any definite conclusions, I have no doubt that my rating is gonna change as I really dig into it. For me, the first couple listens really hit home, but I totally get why some folk wouldn't be as crazy about it. Cheers
Apr 18, 2020
While I don’t agree with the rating (as many other do also), It’s finally a negative review on the album that shows a new perspective on this album, instead of being like ‘I don’t understand bad album 0’.
Apr 18, 2020
Despite what you said in the last part, I genuinely think this is one of the best reviews you've done in a while, Joao. Keep it up
Apr 20, 2020
Disagree heavily but hey, fair enough. Joao gets a thumbs up from me
Apr 20, 2020
it's so bad
Apr 22, 2020
I was also taken aback by the lavish praise but I don't think it's a 50 either. "Slightly disappointing" Fiona Apple is still better than most artists at their finest.
Jun 22, 2020
While I think it's one of the better albums to come out this year, it's not as special as people are making it out to be... que verga, not that much good has come out yet
Jul 28, 2020
I agree with you. The first half of FTBC was interesting, but Cosmonauts, Drumset, and For Her are all incredibly forgettable songs.
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