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Weyes Blood - And in the Darkness, Hearts Aglow
it’s pretty simple really.

my 2016 AOTY = Weyes Blood, Front Row Seat to Earth = 100
my 2019 AOTY = Weyes Blood, Titanic Rising = 100
my 2022 AOTY = Weyes Blood, And in the Darkness, Hearts Aglow = 100

any questions?

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Babehoven - Light Moving Time
the back-to-back of "Marion" and "I'm on Your Team" is among the most powerful one-two punches of the year. usually I am not one for band names that are a pun (except for Guantanamo Baywatch and Dennis Franz Kafka, which are both perfect) but Babehoven more than overcomes that issue and delivers an incredibly mature and thoughtful record, full of hooks and delicious verses evoking so many emotions and lovely feelings. this is truly a beautiful record.
YACHT - See Mystery Lights
yeah, it's super goofy but try listening to "Psychic City" once and you will never be able to forget it.
Young Jesus - Shepherd Head
Rossiter's lyrical themes and vocal delivery are both very much an acquired taste, and initially I was only listening to this to hear the two songs with Tomberlin. I understand that much of what he does here is different than his previous work, but I think I am starting to engage more with his vibe. it did not appeal so much at first listen but I keep coming back to it and its growing on me in a good way.
Sadurn - Radiator
Big Thief is so accomplished now that it's hard to remember how it felt to hear all that raw energy for the first time. that's why you should listen to Sadurn, to capture the freshness and immediacy of that kind of first encounter. this beautiful debut is so humble and unassuming that you are caught off guard by the true beauty of these lovely songs. G DeGroot is a revelation, one of those vocalists you fall in love with instantly.
Cries For Colour - Fairlight
an A for ambition. Quinn Downton's expansive genre-bending music as Cries for Colour is strongly appealing and accessible while maintaining a sophisticated and challenging compositional approach. you can listen for pleasure or marvel at the production techniques and be happy either way. it's a sunny record, with bright tones and rising bass line chord progressions. primary vocalist Valnea Bulić inhabits her songs perfectly. this was a fun and engaging listen all the way through.


Glad you liked it! I must say I've discovered a lot of songs on your Top Songs list that I've grown to love, after all these weeks of listening. Kristine Leschper is fantastic, and King Hannah and Colyer are just as astonishing. There is so much music that I've constantly missed, and sometimes I listen to these songs in dreamlike wonder, playing with the idea that there are so many artists and albums out there that might have been my absolute favorites.
Hey John! It’s Thanksgiving day, so I just wanted to recommend an artist to you: Cries for Colour. I stumbled upon him on Reddit earlier this year and was immediately impressed by his gorgeous production. It’s a little unpolished, but it’s getting there. I’m not sure if you’ll like his music; truly I’d love your thoughts on it!

Quick link:
Heyyy glad to be back. Means a lot to me hearing that. Hope you’ve been doing well!
Thanks mucho for the suggestion. I will download and give it a try!
Hey! I'm just curious: What's your current song of the year so far? Perhaps you could suggest a small number of songs that I might love – I'm open to any genre.
Hey John! I believe you might enjoy this record:

Deeply layered sunny indie pop with chamber pop undertones meets atmospheric and cathartic folk cuts, all of that with a solid voice tone from Maginot.

Do let me know what you think if you feel like checking it out.
Took a skim through your perfect scores and I've been wonderfully rewarded with Mary Margaret O'Hara. Why have I never listened to her before? Clearly I will have to listen to all of your 100s now.
Hey, yeah! Lyrically I found it to be one of the heavier and most emotionally devastating things I've heard this year. Musically, I think it could have done more for me, but ultimately I have to respect the record for the straight up gripping poetry that it is.
Hello John, have you listened to "Stargazing for Beginners" from the English band Pale Seas? It’s one of my favorite dream pop/indie rock records of all time, and I think It’d be right up your alley.


I rate generously most of the time, unless I don't like something, then I don't rate it.

My favorite reviewers are GoodCompany (dearsongs), pressrg, veery, Nona, Haggwors, and Orangedroog65.

I block. Please block me back. Especially TomBejoy.

Top 100+ Songs of 2022 (in progress):

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