Trashy's 15 Favorite Toking Albums

These are my favorite albums to put on when I'm about to relax and take a big long toke. Hey, I'll even recommend strains to pair with the albums! This is just a personal list ya'll. MY OPINION!

Blind Melon - Blind Melon
This album is soooo underrated. Blind Melon deliver the goods here with an album full of psychedelic-laced alternative rock that definitely feels like it's hazy. You haven't lived until you've listened to No Rain while it's pouring down outside... even better if you pair it with a melon strain like Cannalope Haze. Its a good Sativa that will have you grooving along with the Melon.
Beck - Mellow Gold
An album composed of so many weird twists, turns, diversions, genres, sounds... Released under Bong Load Records, this album is perfect for passing a few joints around and enjoying the ride. It would be wrong not to suggest to pair this album with Cali Gold, the strain the album's title references. Personally, I love to put this album on while passing some joints filled with something like NYC Diesel.
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