clipping. - Visions of Bodies Being Burned
Nov 26, 2020
First off, I would like to thank Matt a lot for forcing me to come back to this album because it is a solid album that I’ve only listened once and never came back.

I imagine Matt’s first listen to this album in his bedroom, as Check The Clock plays, the hands cradled his head, as he stared up the room ceiling in amazement. “This doesn’t sound like Joji...This sounds scary...AND I LIKE IT.” And starts to type, “Fuck it. This is my album of the year.” Now, I hear you ask, “Why are you imagining Matt in his bedroom?” To that, I would answer, “I’m bisexual.” (JUST KIDDING MATT LOVE YOU AS A BRO, PLEASE DON’T DELETE THIS)

Right, about the album. This is definitely an experience. Cool sounds! This album in my opinion is more cinematic than sonic. The different sound effects, heavy emphasis on Daveed Diggs’ rapping as his lines lead us into this land of horror. At points, it’s eerily catchy, great examples being Say The Name, ‘96 Neve Campbell, while at other points, it’s very narrative, great examples being She Bad or Looking Like Meat. This well blend of accessibility and engagement makes this album one of a kind, lifting itself from the general underground Hip-Hop.

The production is absolutely stellar. Every note, every sound effect is clean, devising this unnerving environment, accompanied by Daveed Diggs’ perturbing flow.

Speaking of Daveed Diggs, he is a good rapper, but there are moments where his raps are simply not appealing to me. When he slows down his flow, it is horrifying and excellent, yet when he speeds up, most possibly to complement the accelerating instrumental to create a peak point in several tracks, his raps just don't work as well. At times, like what she said, the climax is ruined. Especially when the climax is intended to be the best part, I find myself favoring the more shivering experience than the supposedly “pounding” experience.

Still, this doesn't take away much of the general greatness. This is yet another well piece of music by clipping., and I understand why Mister Matt would like this so much. Personally, I don't like it as much, but still, a meritable record.

Matt's Thoughts: Hey all, Matt here. Here's my thoughts on the record if you haven't seen my review on it yet. To put it into simple terms, it's absolutely amazing. In my review I called it a modern masterpiece, which I don't believe holds up but I do believe it's great and near perfect. The intensity of the detailed instrumentals creating a sense of immersion keeping the listener interested. The instrumentals had so much thought and creativity put into to achieve their goal at giving off horror. Daveed Diggs' amazing performance with the fast flows adding to the intensity and enjoyment. The album is an absolute rollercoaster and I adore it. If you want to, you can read my review on it where I briefly analyze each track on the album.

If you want to take a look at Matt’s view on the record, click the link below! A fine read in my opinion.

Before the final scores, I would like to thank you all for 100 followers on our first day of reviewing! Y'all are the best!

Eli's Final Score: 74
Matt's Final Score: 97
Final Average Score: 85

(Eli Reviewing Matt's Top 2020 Albums #1)
Nov 26, 2020
Nov 26, 2020
@Stirfriedcurry Marriage bot would disagree
Nov 26, 2020
@eliiscool5 you're mine babe
Nov 26, 2020
@MattsReviews i'm not mine babe i'm eli!
Nov 26, 2020
Great first official review! :)
Nov 26, 2020
@eliiscool5 hi "not mine babe i'm eli", I'm Matt!
Nov 26, 2020
@Cry It was all Eli! He killed it!
Nov 26, 2020
Overrated πŸ‘€
Nov 26, 2020
Nov 26, 2020
Nov 26, 2020
@Basic_Garci You're overrated!
Nov 27, 2020
eli x matt, i can imagine it already
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