JojiKong -
First off, I would like to thank Matt a lot for forcing me to come back to this album because it is a solid album that I’ve only listened once and never came back.

I imagine Matt’s first listen to this album in his bedroom, as Check The Clock plays, the hands cradled his head, as he stared up the room ceiling in amazement. “This doesn’t sound like Joji...This sounds scary...AND I LIKE IT.” And starts to type, “Fuck it. This is my album of the year.” ... read more
JojiKong -
Intro To JojiKong

Welcome to JojKong! JojiKong is a team effort with two different AOTY members, @MattsReviews and @eliiscool5. This account is for both of them to express their opinions on albums they like, and to learn more about each others music taste. This account will be taken both seriously and as a joke, due to the nature of the writers.

Our first line of business is to rate each other's top 5 albums of 2020. In the next few days, a few of the reviews will be popping up, so please be ... read more
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