Oct 25, 2019
I now join Michael Gira in the worship of Sun Fucker
Oct 25, 2019*
I'm a big Kanye fan but this isn't it. I don't care about it being gospel, I'm fine with that. I'm not just a salty atheist. However, this album was just boring and very underwhelming for a Kanye project.
Fav song: Use This Gospel
Least fav: Closed On Sunday

Oct 17, 2019
If you ain't a christian ima stab you in yo face
Sep 17, 2019*
Ameer was never the best member for me, but damn he has improved his skills so much since Saturation. He uses different flows (unlike he saturation flows) and I respect that heavy. If, the allegations never happened, he probably would of become the best member in my eyes, if he rapped like he does now. I'm looking forward to future Ameer music

Coming back into this, it is way more boring and less replayable.
Sep 16, 2019
Jah on drums kinda quirky doeee
Aug 22, 2019
bars nice
Aug 22, 2019*
First Listen: Didnt connect with me at all, No Halo was 10x better than anything here tbh, I will be giving it a lot of other chances because im a brockhampton super fan and I even loved the singles but the first 3 had to grow on me so maybe it will be the same for this album? idk hopefully it grows on me

5th listen: Finally, it clicked and I love it. With all Brockhampton albums I like the more emotionally heavy tracks more than the bangers. Dearly Departed just hits so hard.
Fav tracks: ... read more
Aug 11, 2019
Aug 11, 2019
Wow, I had two albums that I thought that were just gonna be decent today, this album and the trippie album. The trippie album completely dissapointed but this Ross album exceeded my expectations! The singer in Bogus Charms was amazing
Aug 9, 2019
I thought this would be at least decent because I really liked ALLTY3 but this wasn't it. It was boring and uninteresting, it seemed like he put no effort in to this at all. The way he encourages suicide by saying "if you can't be yourself, kill yourself" that is disgusting to me. The most enjoyment I got in this album is when he flexed airpods which incited just a chuckle and nothing else
Aug 3, 2019
hopefully like Kids See Ghosts and not like speedin bullet
Jul 31, 2019
Umm this is awkward guys, so I have been enlightened and have no idea why I really like this in first place
Jul 19, 2019
? copycat and ? isnt good to begin with
Jul 19, 2019*

ok I listened to this 3 times and I come to say this is the aoty, might change to a 100 later. I can offically say this is their first feel good album. While 22 a Million was emotionally driven by it seemed like anger and being lost, this one is a happy vibe. Bon Iver has matured as a band over the years and it was great to see them do their journey.

Favorite tracks: Naeem, Faith, Holyfields, ImI and pretty much all of them
Jul 12, 2019
Mason Ramsey..... why
Jul 6, 2019
First two tracks intrigued me but then most after bored me to death

Fav songs: P, I, Chateau, On My Own, Ghost Remix
Least Fav song: Everything else
Jun 27, 2019*
This is my aoty so far and I dont think anything will top it. Madlib went ham on the production and Freddie spat bars. Pusha T has a god tier feature

Edit: After further review, I realise I have been mad overrating it. It is great but it can't top Pinata
Jun 24, 2019
One of the best songs on Seb Harris' Debut album, Everything's Wrong. He has so much potential and I am rooting for more dope music in the future
Jun 21, 2019
This album is pure dumb fun. I like how he fuses with other genres like rock. The songs are all entertaining throughout.
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