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Megan Thee Stallion - Body
worst hook ever made
Jane Remover - Frailty
Jul 29, 2022 (PART 1)

Relistening to this album was the best music experience I think I have had in over a year

I got into Jane's music (dltzk at the time) somewhat around a year ago. I loved the song "seventeen" off of teen week and decided to listen to their new album frailty. At the time, I liked it quite a bit. I was shocked by how unique it was for something considered to be hyperpop but listen. I love hyperpop but this is not hyperpop. This is like indie glitch pop rock mixed ... read more

midwxst - BACK IN ACTION 3.0
Edit: 74 -> 65
Yeah this grew off me a lot :( I just feel like he’s done tracks like these before, but better. Half of this album felt like throwaways tbh.

Midwxst leans back into his aggressive style on this follow up to the original Back In Action EP. Although he may be stretching this sound quite thin at this point, I’d argue that he still executes this style very well, with more distorted and heavy production this time around, as opposed to the more electronic and bouncy ... read more

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