Frank Ocean - Blonde
This album is disgusting
midwxst - BACK IN ACTION 3.0
Midwxst can rap over the noise of a lawn mower and some 808s, and it might just work.

On his most recent mixtape, "BACK IN ACTION 3.0," Midwxst continues to create bizarre and violent hyperpop songs inspired by the recent not so recent wave of rage rap trend that swept over the rap game. On his previous works, such as "Under fire" and "Riddle," Midwxst toned down his loudness and aggression perhaps out of fear of overwhelming the listeners; even so, ... read more

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On NTTR's review of JID - The Forever Story
"YBN Cordae comparison is a violation of JID"
On plousho's review of midwxst - BACK IN ACTION 3.0
"He did the right thing keeping this mixtape under 30 minutes"
On DenjiReviews's review of midwxst - BACK IN ACTION 3.0
"Everyone wants to be carti"

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