AOTY 2019
The Goslings - Heaven of Animals
Sep 3, 2019
Not on streaming. High quality link if you wanna try it: . Stop at 72 minutes unless you want the deluxe edition stuff.

The Goslings are a band that land more in the Shoegaze-y region of the Drone spectrum. This is an album they did with the band 'WARMTH' though I have no idea how to attribute an album to multiple artists so feel free to do that if you can. Also there's no album cover loading up for this one so I'll add then when I can be bothered.

This is pretty good. I'm no Drone expert but this I'd say these bands do a fine job in radiating a dense and isolated atmosphere and overall the atmospheric qualities of this project are great. This just lacks the character the Goslings EP's had. I understand Drone is not the most colourful genre but it was The Goslings range in sound creation that impressed me on those EP's and that range and diversity just isn't quite coming through here. That is, until the last track which is magnificent and really does capture their spirit.

Maybe a 72 minute drone project is just not quite for me yet due to my inexperience in the genre. It's possible WARMTH had artistic direction over this and it's their ideas i'm not quite as into here. In fact, that probably is the case.

Good for some atmospheric background drone though.
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