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josephdcater -
FYD #13 w/@sapphicherub

Welcome to what will be probably the shortest episode of Joseph does the voice recorder microphone thing and just kind of rambles this album sounds like that Scott Pilgrim ruined a whole generation of women song except this one is sung by those very women
josephdcater -
FYD #12 w/@sapphicherub

Okay so wolf is like the best Tyler the Creator album but not not like in that way you know like for me and my favorites obviously it's going to be a geek or The Flower Boy then it's new one call me if you get lost is great I love it too but wolf is like it's it's on another level you know like it's not my favorite it's not even like them but like the best well-made it's just like it's an experience and now they each track like it's just like something is going on like ... read more
josephdcater -
FYD #11 w/@sapphicherub

A Diamond Dogs by David Bowie very scary Halloween jack on frightened okay the music on here I like it a lot it's not my favorite David Bowie album but it is pretty good I like the intro track and how he's doing is very spooky voice it reminds me of the I believe it's the final track from his first album I forget what it's called but I do like that song a lot even though it's not very good he is in a cemetery it is raining and is doing a weird like Irish accent or ... read more
josephdcater -
FYD #10 w/@sapphicherub

Hey what's up dork some hair wacky once again to the to the Thunderdome and today we're listening to three cheers for Sweet Revenge by My Chemical Romance I I thought it was okay there is some tracks that I liked a lot like I'm not okay I promise and thank you for the Venom I thought those ones were very good I thought Helena it was an okay song But as an opener I didn't think it was nearly as impactful as the end from the Black Parade in the black parade is a very ... read more
josephdcater -
FYD #9 w/@sapphicherub

I was up dweebs welcome to the the next episode of Joseph and his big voice microphone now on today's episode there's a gimmick you see the gimmick is that it's coming out on time you may have noticed the last two episodes they didn't then come out when they are supposed to that's because I'm bad at my job but this one American football huh leaving in this one out early it's nice it's only 9 a.m. for me sorry listen this it's pretty chill it's like a relaxing time you ... read more


Jul 31, 2021
Thanks man :) We have an interview with Ruff on our channel dropping soon too
Jun 15, 2021
Only if you don't quit yours
Jun 15, 2021
I got, I got, I got, I got—
Loyalty, got royalty inside my DNA
Cocaine quarter piece, got war and peace inside my DNA
I got power, poison, pain, and joy inside my DNA
I got hustle, though, ambition flow inside my DNA
Jun 1, 2021
Ooh I like some of that moms Spaghetti
Jun 1, 2021
Based profile pic
May 21, 2021
New recommendation for you, sophomore release from indietronica, synthwave, ambient pop artist Desmond Hatch, just dropped. I think you'll enjoy this one, give it a listen & score when you get a chance! All proceeds will be donated to charity.
May 19, 2021
It's really kind, thank you very much, I appreciate it! The importance in my opinion lies mainly in the correlation between all the ratings, that is to say that there must be some kind of logic that can be explained at any time. It doesn't mean that it's infallible in the sense that you can change your mind over time
it took me some time to find the way I am in line with my own ratings, in the sense that as you say it is a personal feeling mixed with objectivity, which one trusts and never questions
After all, it's a personal vision, I share the opinion that everyone does as they wish as long as it pleases them and is at least coherent
The technique that you use, that is to say from 10 to 10 is something solid that easily allows to find this logic, for the blow I also find very coherent and interesting your attributions and your tastes!
May 18, 2021
Hey ! That's an excellent question! I don't have a precise scale of points, actually I base myself more on the comparison between the masterpieces as well as the notion of bad to very good. By putting a scale by bracket as indicated in my profile caption, I then vary with more or less additional points depending on the level of the work.
I have been working and refining my system for years now
And you, how do you proceed ?
May 6, 2021
hey joseph!
May 4, 2021


I rate based on my enjoyment of an album and nothing more, and I really only listen to stuff I think I'll like, so there's an oversaturation of positivity on here.

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