American Football - American Football
Jul 20, 2021
FYD #9 w/@sapphicherub

I was up dweebs welcome to the the next episode of Joseph and his big voice microphone now on today's episode there's a gimmick you see the gimmick is that it's coming out on time you may have noticed the last two episodes they didn't then come out when they are supposed to that's because I'm bad at my job but this one American football huh leaving in this one out early it's nice it's only 9 a.m. for me sorry listen this it's pretty chill it's like a relaxing time you know it's um I'll say nothing to write home about like it's kind of it's it's chill to the point where it's sort of boring every every song you sounded kind of say me you know but I got to say I had this is the first track never meant pretty good I recognized a little guitar thing for my everything that Mima bit ago you guys remember the meme so yeah I mean I I I just recalled that song I like that one is pretty good it's I guess this is an email album I don't know Imo's seems like such a weird genre to me I don't know what it is I don't know if this is an emo album is I've heard the Black Parade as an email album like that I don't know if emo is really a thing hey I sort of doubt it at a point I think it's just dumb I think we got stopped on the genres of music I think I'll music is it's just music you know except for like compositionally like different things. I think that's the only way you can you can do that but sortie into like the feeling that it gives you I I don't I don't know how you can separate email from like just regular rock or anything you know anyways I'm not going to listen to this again unless for some reason it comes upon me and I'm like dang it I got to listen to that American football but for now you know whatever is fine that is acceptable I do kind of overhyped honestly I'm disappointed see us I'm feeling I'm feeling a six or seven I'll decide when I I decided a 6
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