not ranked except top 10ish
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This is a list of the best/important/whatever I thought of concept albums. I have a massive soft spot for concept albums and they automatically make me want to enjoy an album, so I made a list of ...
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Another 10 day album challenge where me and the other listen to the same thing a bunch. Wild stuff clearly
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Yeah this is just every list challenge I've done all ranked in one big thing for convenience. The lists in order are: Only Cool Kids Graduation Fuck You Dork Higher Education So far all of these ...
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by god this going to be the most terrifying thing you'll every see in your gd life, something never heard of before 2 USERS 10 DAYS 10 ALBUMS WILL THEY SURVIVE?????????? probably
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New album thing 14 albums 2 users 2 weeks and all that The dork is @sapphicherub
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2 USER 10 DAYS 10 ALBUMS In celebration of sapphicherub and I graduating high school in 2 weeks, we'll be listening to some of these great albums. five chosen by me, five chosen by her, try to ...
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an epic challenge that no one has ever thought of before. 2 USERS 2 WEEKS 14 ALBUMS @josephdcater x @sapphicherub cool collaboration time
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