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Tool - Opiate
May 28
Tool - 10,000 Days
10,000 Days
May 25

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Radiohead - Meeting People Is Easy
The members of Radiohead are human.

They aren't these ascended species, they're not superheroes and, since this is the one that gets thrown around a lot, they're not rock gods. They make very, very good music, don't get me wrong, but they're normal people, too.

My stan status aside, this is probably the best music documentary I've ever seen. This is a very dark look into depression and anxiety, as we are witness to this band who have just created one of the greatest albums of all time and ... read more

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Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - Room at the Top
My favorite Tom Petty song. A heartbreaking (heh heh) song which was on repeat constantly throughout my life that became all the more painful after his passing. Rest easy Tom I miss you and if I'm even just a little bit lucky I hope to maybe be neighbors with you in my own room at the top of the world
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - Mary Jane's Last Dance
Alright let me paint a picture as to why this song is a big deal. You're finishing your record deal with MCA who you've had a successful but rocky relationship with. You're deep in thought trying to craft what would eventually become one of, if not your best album but right as you're transitioning to a different label the previous one won't let you get off easy and ask that you provide a new song for a greatest hits album that is being created to squeeze the last possible dollars they can get ... read more
Steve Miller Band - The Joker
Before working at my current job I already wasn't a fan of this song. After working here for a year I fucking hate this song and every time it plays the flaws become more and more apparent. Annoying and boring guitar work and I swear to god if I hear that "cat-call" guitar line one more time I'm gonna hang myself in the break room. This song's chorus is also one of the most annoying choruses ever. Lazy-ass rhyme scheme and milk toast delivery on the vocals. I'm sorry y'all but this ... read more
Aphex Twin - Girl/Boy EP
69 user score? Looks like I'll have to come over and 69 your mom for such a low score like that (and of course drink her milk too)


hey joshxxi!

this message is being sent out to basically everyone who's ever reviewed my music. If you do not want to recieve messages like this, please let me know and i'll make sure to remove you from getting those

I just released my new album, and i have more than just the songs to share with you. Additionally, i have written mini press releases for each song!

If you want to read about the album, check out this google doc with some exclusive annotations and behind the scenes information:
If you want to listen to the album, here's the link to all platforms:
Yo josh! I’ve been getting inspiration to make another community list in these past few days, and I’ve just thought of a question that kind of interested me to see people’s choices; what’s a song you know that sounds super happy but is actually sad, due to lyrical content and/or backstory? Feel free to ignore if you’re not interested in answering, but make sure to keep your selections limited to 1 or 2 picks if you do. Reasonings are optional :)
Thank you for contributing, the list is now out:
Also thanks for following :)
Yo Josh! What's an album you think is better experienced whilst listening to it at nighttime? This is for a list btw, you can pick as many albums as you like. Reasonings are optional :)
I finally finished my Top 10 lists for the best and worst albums of 2021! Feel free to give them a look and/or send me yours! Or don’t, I can’t control you.

~Top 10 Worst Albums of 2021

~Top 10 Best Albums of 2021
I'm bored and so decided to make another community list; this time,

what is a record you believe has defined its genre albeit through exemplifying its sound, shaping said genre, or has established said genre in popularity and/or existence, and why?
connected somewhat to your PFP!

So say you're trying to sleep / have sex with your significant other. They go play some music to set the move. What piece of music playing would have you looking like 😒?
Thanks for following! I really appreciate it!
do you like whitney houston?


Josh (he/him)
I'm a musician in Arizona and I enjoy making music and listening to good music that gives me inspiration and I like to share those inspirations with others.

No self-promo in my shoutbox please and thank you

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