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I wish I was the white boy Tyler was kissing in 2004.
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While this album has the occasional standout track (Lemon Boy, 888, Pigeon), many of the songs are a syrupy reverb infused slog. Tracks like "It's U" feel depressing, which may be Robbie's intent, but he doesn't really do anything to meaningful convey this emotion besides having a slow tempo and washed-out sound. "Taking Care of Things" has many of the same pitfalls, but it at least gives us some interesting lyrics. I love the atmosphere of "Pigeon," as it uses ... read more
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One of the most unique albums I've listened to, with what feels like a mini-orchestra backing the project and haunting lyrics making this a haunting/somber experience. The lyrics truly are the star of the show, as it deals with the subjects of gender, sex, the apocalypse, and confusion over your own identity by using grotesque imagery (which made me feel genuinely uncomfortable when listening to it for the first time) and beautiful poetry. This album can be ugly, simple, and confusing, but I ... read more
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Welcome to the island 9/10
Ain't gotta pay rent 8/10
Hannibal Lector 7/10
Is that your girl 4/10
Dodge the popo 6/10
Fantano 7/10
Lazy river 9/10

Everything else ?/10
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