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aespa - Drama
Nov 11

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Little Simz - NO THANK YOU
My first reaction to her music, i literally loved listening to this so much. This surprise album has great production, lyrics, and her multiple flows and cadences make these songs have tons of replay value. this album felt really raw but still great nonetheless.

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aespa - Drama
aespa is a group who has been on a constant incline since they found their sound essentially. this group is comfortable with their music and the style they use and they play to that with perfection. what I will say is that some tracks are definitely underwhelming and I'm not the biggest fan of the more EDM type choruses. the move vocally driven songs are my favorite for sure
STAYC makes fun music and that's what it's all about
Lil Yachty - Slide
yachty so undeniably hard bro
Travis Scott - Drugs You Should Try It
my favorite Travy song ever made. this song is the pinnacle of trap.
Travis Scott - UTOPIA
Her Loss but for niggas...

ahhhh. I've been waiting for Travis. my favorite trap artist of all time. Travis has had the mastery of being a true artist from the jump. he's always experimented and tried out new things so this album had me buckled up and ready for a ride. Travis always comes with new flows, music styles, beats and energies. his lyrics has a lot of the same things as always but the substance isn't the main focus. it's the vibe and energy. the delivery has to be strong too and ... read more


hey !!! my best friend just dropped a single and i made the cover art. if you’re into lo-fi/indie folk stuff you should check it out!!
hi josiah! i'm making a list for my 250 subs and i'd like to ask you something. can you share 3 kpop projects by a girl group: 1. one you'd recommend to anyone, 2. one you consider as an important release, and 3. one you simply love?
Hey!!! To celebrate me now having 400 albums rated and reviewed I'm gonna be putting together a community list and I of course need your help. It'd mean so much to me if you could help.

Whats a song that makes you have the feeling of ascending into a into another world or into space, a song that makes you feel like you have left your body and you are inside of the music. I'll start first! MY EYES off of Travis Scott's new album 100% does that for me.

Also feel free to give an explanation for your choice, Thank you!
Hi josiah!! I have recently hit 100 followers so i thought i would make my first ever community list! The prompt is "Best Live Songs", this could mean a song you have heard (or wish to hear) live, whether it is because its experienced better in concert than in studio, because it invokes a certain feeling, maybe you have a story from that day, anything goes!

Im most likely going to finish it by the end of this week, so take your time if you need to! Thanks n have a nice day! :)
Hi! I'm making a community list for the first time on here. I was wondering what your 5 favorite albums from this year and 5 least favorite albums from this year are so far. You can write little blurbs for your top album if you feel like it, I'm probably gonna pick the best ones for each album.
Hey Josiah! I hate promoting things but this occasion is really special! I recently hit 500 legends following me! So, to celebrate that milestone I decided to put together my first community list from all of those who supported me along the way!

I wasn't sure what to do as pretty much everything has already been done, so I decided on this:

Imagine you're in an apocalypse, the whole world has gone to peril and you can only play one special song before everything perishes, what song are you picking and why? It doesn't need to be just one song, it can be a variety of songs if you can't choose just one.

I’ll compile everyone’s results over the next few days and I’ll let you know once the list is ready!

Thank you for your time! if you don't want to participate then ignore this message :)
Heyo, I'm making a community list! It's pretty simple to be honest:

What was your favorite/most played song when you were a teenager or when you weren't really into music? Oh, and rate it 0-10 on cringeness based on your current self! ❤️
Wow thanks a lot for the follow!
If you listen to our new DJ mix, there’s a 5% chance you will win a BRAND NEW PC!!

Link to enter the giveaway:
Hey Josiah, I saw you liked the Parannoul albums a lot, so I wanted to recommend the new Alien Nerves EP. Think you might enjoy it :)


biggest twice d rider ever. (jihyo is my wife btw)

majority of my ratings are based on the first listen, I listen to music that I feel I'm going to enjoy majority of the time(I include intros, interludes, outros) and will rate based on enjoyablility but also how the song is as a cohesive thing. I mostly listen to kpop, rap, pop(dance pop), and am still trying to branch out to not only more genres and artists but music from other countries

vinyls/CDs I own are in library

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