Lana Del Rey - Did you know that there's a tunnel under Ocean Blvd
Lana Del Rey is an artist that I'd consider to be untouchable. Despite years of controversies and media scrutiny under her belt, she’s never lost balance. She’s an artist who doesn’t need charting success or rigorous and polished promotional campaigns to get people to listen to her music. She does what she wants and it manages to work, whether that is release strategies or genre experimentation. Silently putting out three songs with picsart-edited selfie cover art? Millions of ... read more
Complete Mountain Almanac - Complete Mountain Almanac
was a little boring but still very beautiful
Hana Stretton - Soon
this album has an intimacy akin to Lynn Avery’s Carpet Cocoon, but with much less clarity and more vagueness and elusion. its warmth is shrouded in a thick layer of fuzz, with nods to ambient music allowing the music to creep in like a sunset. despite its elusive nature, it refuses to keep a distance between the listener—it’s intriguing and thoughtful, subtle and moving. there’s something naturally magical about Soon—your reflection in the lake, the chirping of the ... read more
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