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jsharma17 -
The Frank Ocean influence bleeds over this, but he's not nearly as good at singing as Frank is. But it's not meant for rap fans like myself. The best part of the album is Playboi Carti's feature on Earfquake. It's a very unique body of work, especially compared to the rest of Tyler's work. And while I don't even consider myself a fan of his music, I've heard enough to understand this as a change of pace. But I still view this as overrated. Parts of the album are overproduced and others suffer ... read more
jsharma17 -
The three best songs on here are so much damn fun. They are probably all top 3 2010 Gucci Mane songs, behind What's It Gonna Be and Making Love To The Money. But the rest is pretty forgettable, which has become a consistent theme of Gucci mixtapes at this point. Sometimes it doesn't matter what comes out of Gucci's mouth cause the beat is so good (PacMan (Feat. Waka Flocka Flame) but much of the production is lazy Drumma Boy throwaways. This doesn't hold a candle to the first tape in the series.
jsharma17 -
Dave East had all the tools he needed to conquer the game. He's like the modern day Beanie Sigel. They spit that true gangsta shit. But just like Beans, East never reached his maximum potential. Kairi Chanel was my introduction to Dave East. Back in the summer after my 8th grade, I heard Can't Ignore (Feat. 2 Chainz) and man, that song was hard. 4 years later, I heard the album in whole, and it's a enjoyable listen. The album is good, while the production is nice, Dave East's rapping is even ... read more
jsharma17 -
Murder Inc.'s first lady drops yet another average album that has a song or two worth keeping mixed in with an album worth using as a weedplate.
jsharma17 -
aye do you fumble an album produced almost entirely by The Neptunes and Timbaland? But I suppose it's not entirely his fault. Some of the beats on the album cuts get old fast and paired with JT's pretty bland song writing (Sappy at times), this album isn't much outside of the singles. Rock Your Body is an awesome song and it's probably my favorite track off here. But besides the other singles, none of the songs really do anything for me. What makes this worse is that although only 13 ... read more


Jul 13, 2021
Do you agree that Lil B is god?
Jul 5, 2021
Thank you familgia
Jul 4, 2021
rlly admire your reviews bro, keep em up
Apr 7, 2021
If you fuck with wu, this is a pretty solid album, aside from being the greatest album cover of all time
Mar 24, 2021
Love your taste, man, keep up the good reviews!
Feb 22, 2021
No problem, keep up the great reviews! :)
Feb 19, 2021
Thank you!
Feb 11, 2021
I was just reading your bio lol
Feb 9, 2021
welcome to rym


Uhhhh if it says imported from, I meant

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