OneRepublic - Oh My My
Oct 29, 2016
Yes, I'm biased with this band but I can't pass the fact that this completely commercial-driven release doesn't know what the fuck it wants to be... beside a "top 40 album". I don't understand, are they trying to be pop, rock, Daft Punk or what? Please someone enlighten me! On the other hand, Tedder always has this weird mixing on his voice that he thinks it's cool because it makes him sound very gospel and the reality is that it comes awful and hilarious. Despite all the cringing moments, there's some good tracks here, I'll admit that they have chosen their singles pretty well because those are the best of this disappointing sophomore record. I hope they stick out a bit more to what they were doing with their previous releases 'cause this just proved that when they try to do many things at once it just comes off as an abomination trying to say: "kill me please" or at least "delete all of the filler songs in me!".

Fav tracks: Future Looks Good, Kids, Born, Fingertips, Wherever I Go, Heaven. (I know I put a lot of tracks here but that doesn't mean shit, still a lackluster album)
Least fav track: Better.
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