Jun 10, 2019
I don't know how many of you searched through Tumblr in your early years and happened to find a lot of stupid motivation, depression, love and relatable quotes all over it, well while I was listening to the new Juice WRLD I couldn't help but feel like his writing is kinda like those quotes, they're painfully obvious but they held some truth in them. That truth is enough to make some tracks effective, maybe the words are very simple but you always find some catchiness and some emotion in them. ... read more
Jun 9, 2019
Show Me The Body always go for the most noise and post-industrial sounds out there while making the me justice all the way by producing cacophonies that sound acid and catchy. Their last album was a milestone for them because it really showed all of their potential while making an very diverse album, this time around I can say that they try their hardest and I can see the concept behind being this world falling apart while you try to rebuild it but it keeps disintegrating. I love that it never ... read more
Jun 4, 2019
Billy Woods making bars about what he believes and not believes in while Kenny Segal brings out some bonafide production to the table. I wasn't planning to review this but after a few listens this really grew on me, it's nothing revolutionary or mindblowing, but the rough and in your face outcome of the project is admirable. I love that distorted bass, I feel like I'm always in danger when listening to this album, there's always an aggressive tone behind it. There's also some jazz because why ... read more
Jun 2, 2019
Haha... the cover is a lie. I don't know, it's funny how everybody seemed so hyped about this and even the band acknowledged that people thought this was going to be more dark. The results are in.... this sounds.... like almost every other album by them. Like, c'mon is this for real? It had a nice lead single and I expected this to have darker lyrics or at least something edgy, but I don't see the major difference between this and Pacific Daydream, it's still very pop but in all the wrong and ... read more
May 21, 2019
If there's an end of the world coming soon I hope this thing gets played everywhere so at least we can celebrate us human beings are finally dying... while dancing... I guess I really understimated this release, I don't know why I thought this wouldn't be an interesting mix of sounds but oh child! I was so damn wrong. If you want me to summon this album in one word: INFECTIOUS. I want the beats, the drums and the jazzy percusion to get into my veins and the synthesizers, electronic arrangements ... read more
May 20, 2019
It's a nice project, it has a lot of flare and of course the boldness of Kevin Abstract is all over it, he's always been so spoken about his mental health, his troubled childhood and his sexual orientation, I'm really glad he gets to expand and update on those matters this time around with the help of some of his BROCKHAMPTON mates, at times I felt like I was listening to a track of them instead of an Abstract one. Jack Antonoff helped in a lot of the production here aswell as others, you can ... read more
May 19, 2019
Gotta agree with the clichés and trends part, I admit that the singles leading to this album had me begging for this to come out ASAP, however I don't know but I kinda felt like Lizzo decided to go VERY commercial with this album, something about her spark when she was relatively less know got lost in the production, however I must admit that this is still some pretty good dancing shit, like this is banger after banger, Lizzo's voice is so strong that you can't deny she exhuberates so ... read more
May 19, 2019
Okay I wasn't ready for this, Weyes Blood last album had a lot of personality besides how repetitive it could be at times, but it definitely rewarded your patience, specially if you were looking for a pop album that made you feel like time doesn't exist. I'm glad to say that this album reminded me of that same feeling, I started the album and in the blink of an eye it was over, Weyes Blood just made baroque pop that's so exciting and so multifaceted that you can't believe her growth since Front ... read more
Apr 15, 2019
It's kinda depressing but at the same time not, Quelle Chris comes back with his most eclectic work to date but also his most polarizing. While the bars and the flow is intact, the production is the one that most suffers from some weird decisions and, weirdly, redundant decisions. While it's not a boring album at all, you gotta command him for that, it's left with a bit of lack of sugar, like it needs more texture in its instrumentals, sometimes it can get on the loopy territory very fast, ... read more
Apr 4, 2019
Bobui are a newcoming band that just released their first EP and it showcases a lot of promise. While there's still some field to improvement, I must say that they really know how to blend their psychedelic pop influences with some nice synthesizers and ethereal vocals. Maybe I'd liked more texture in the instrumentals because the vocals are bit monotone so they can get exhausting after a while but overall this is an interesting take for the mexican band.

Fav tracks: "Piscis", ... read more
Apr 1, 2019
Beware of the bops! No, I'm jk, but yes! This is a nice and solid effort from australian newcoming indie pop star, Stella Donnelly. Her voice floats around in a passive agressive tone that fits perfectly with the sweet guitars and unplugged instrumentals, it's the early stages of a stellar production. Even though Donnelly ends up with clichés at times, she always manages to pull together every sound and make it fresh. I'm really impressed by her songwriting, she talks about a lot of ... read more
Mar 31, 2019
While not being a dramatic change in their discography, the first part of Foals' new double album makes for an exciting return to form and some nice dance flare to it. I know this might rub off people the wrong way but I've always felt that Foals owes some of its ideas and sounds to LCD Soundsystem and I think the influences couldn't be more clearer in this release, it's not a bad thing at all, it's just something that I noticed and it's all over the record, however Foals is more concerned ... read more
Mar 30, 2019
Supestar phenomenon, Billie Eilish, has finally released her so anticipated debut album and the results are in, the diagnostic is here, she is suffering from: trending pop sounds that are mistakenly passed by as unique and quirky when it's really all over the place and fake deep. Don't get me wrong, this could've been worse, however it surprises me how daring this production is and still manages to be boring... it's something that leaves me puzzled. Eilish vocals are ok, however she really ... read more
Mar 30, 2019
After the so so album that was Skin, Flume comebacks with a mixtape that fulfills all my desires when it came to the umph I was needing from him. The dirty and trappy sounds are a killer on this project, it sounds like a car that's bumping through a lot of obstacles on its way, like the rhythm drops and climbs in unexpected ways, almost like having a heart attack for a second and then just having tachycardia at the next one. I must say I'm impressed with how different this production is ... read more
Mar 30, 2019
Even though it has flavory synths and some of Solange best accomplished vocals, When I Get Home feels very bland and skeletical to really make an impact after her magnum opus A Seat at the Table. It's jazzy and flowy as always, but this time around it's more on the repetition side, like it's the sound which gives the vibes and transmits culture and wisdom, however in writing department there's a serious lack of sharp lyricism, if you compare this to her previous works this is very undwewhelming ... read more
Mar 22, 2019
Little Simz third album is by far her best effort to date and that's mainly because it feels so straight-forward and deliciously honest produced. She has been in the game for a couple of years and I always felt attracted by her bars and flow, it's always been there, however when it came to the production there wasn't a clear sound or something that truly belonged to her, it's like she was holding back a bit herself. This time around, her lyrics are so sincere and come one after another like ... read more
Mar 18, 2019
Ok, I've never heard anything about Matmos and now I feel like I've missed a lot, these guys treat every object as a perfect instrument for a song and give it so much personality through it. I would've never though a thermoplastic riot shield could work for a song even if the sounds are awful they make them work together for an exciting experience. I wouldn't recommend this release to someone who feels weird when chaotic and experimental music is thrown to their face because Matmos is not for ... read more
Mar 16, 2019
You know, it isn't bad when it comes to the songwriting but it's nothing impressive to be honest. I find Julia Jacklin vocals to be full of emotions when they really need to be, but at the same time it's a bit obvious when she is just singing for the sake of the tune and lacks a connection to the lyrics, is a bit sad because the themes pinned down here are kinda interesting and she tackles them down in perspectives that aren't common. For some great tunes there's a lot of meh tracks, my main ... read more
Feb 18, 2019
Buoy, I tried my best at tolerating those vocals but I guess they aren't for everybody. Buoys marks the fourth installment in Panda Bear discography and it's funny to listen to his solo work after hearing Animal Collective's music because inmediatly you can spot the big influences his sound has on AnCo outcome. However, I feel like while AnCo is more bouncy and risky, Panda Bear tends to be more reserved and chill, it's not a bad thing at all but sometimes it presents a contrast that doesn't ... read more
Feb 18, 2019
So visceral, abstract and mind-bending. Xiu Xiu go back to their roots with their latest release and abandon the electropop driven FORGET for a more dark, crafty and totally insane aesthetic. Jamie Stewart vocals are so passionate while being so "ba-nay-nays", he exhuberates so much personality and emotion through every song and it's very versatile when it comes to shouting, to mourning or even singing a mix of both. The production has some african beat going on in the percussion but ... read more
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