Jan 16, 2020
The thing with Selena Gomez is that she isn't fully in command of her craft and it shows... but at least you can guarantee she'll hit a sweet spot more often than not.

The third solo album by the pop-darling, Selena Gomez, comes with some of her most genuine material and best written hooks. After such a long period between albums, fans were really anticipating this release and I can see why it has garnered so much respect from them and ALSO music critics.

While her previous efforts are ... read more
Dec 23, 2019
Kitten power pop and out there aesthetic make it seem like we took a trip back to the early 2000's, it's dancy, it's innocent, it's naïve but most of all it's fun.

I never minded the lyrics of Kitten since I know they mostly go for a momentary feeling rather than something thought-provoking. However, I was pleasently suprised by how sharp and on point some of this topics are, tracks about not wanting to be labeled, about fearing your home because it brings more bad than good memories, the ... read more
Dec 13, 2019
A maniatic, convoluted and noisy project that will leave you seeing stars after it hits you in the head with its agressive and abrassive guitar passages.

When I first heard Lightning Bolt I thought this might be some metal band because of how they constructed their songs, but after listening to Sonic Citadel you might see that this more than just guitars all over the place with shouty vocals and industrial undertones. It's truly something that reminded me to the first impression I had with ... read more
Dec 5, 2019*
While this is clearly not my forte, I feel this is a great introduction to people that would like to get into brazilian music and carve some of the fresher approaches to mpb. Which of course borrows a lot from the miscegenation of cultures that Latin America had in terms of music with african rythms, european classical music and, of course, the own latin percussion and dance gatherings.

When it comes to samba, there's a lot of story behind it that represents the cultural story of Brasil. The ... read more
Nov 25, 2019
This is a rotten smoothie, for real it feels like Battles just decided to leave the lesser fresh ingredients for this album because even if the blending is there, it's not tasty at all.

This band has been here since the beggining of the last decade and it has always made the possible to stand out with its outstanding and vibrant loops, incredible mixing of guitars and synthesizers, along with some puzzling yet comforting vocals that give a lot of personality to their sound. However, in Juice B ... read more
Nov 23, 2019
Not a Swans fan but tbh I haven't heard too many albums to really say if I like or dislike them. Leaving Meaning. leaves me wondering if that might change in the future.

Michael Gira, multi-instrumentalist and frontman of Swans really likes to push himself and the rest to make some ambitious records. After a long hiatus between the last century and the present one, he has managed to pull out with numerous releases and never disappoint with the developing of the sounds. It's that kind of band ... read more
Nov 12, 2019
There's things that are completely impossible to comprehend and they're better left that way.

I'm not saying FEET OF CLAY is something completely strange and abstract that you cannot understand in any light, I'm saying that a track like "EAST" is really hard to put down in its intention, outcome and impression, and that's why is so intriguing. However, even if I appreaciate the fact that this track is so offputting and leaves me in complete confusion whether I should cry, dance or ... read more
Nov 12, 2019
When I think of FKA twigs all it comes to my mind are sharp, well-produced, alienesque and forward-thinking r&b ballads. Fortunately, all of those elements that made fall in love with her debut album and part of the EPs she has released through the years is still in MAGDALENE, however I can't help but feel that this time the effect is toned down.

Amazing vocalist and dancer, FKA twigs had us anticipating her sophomore effort after the grandiose and cohesive LP1, which I truly believe marks ... read more
Nov 2, 2019
It's hard to listen to this without thinking on the context this was released.

Ameer Vann, former member of boyband BROCKHAMPTON, makes a comeback with this little EP that straight to the point says: I can't be blamed for being who I am. Which is the biggest bullshit of the century but at the same time is delivered in a nice vibe... even if at times it's painfully cringing.

The bars are there, even if they're clearly not top-notch. It's pretty obvious that the guys pushed him to do better, ... read more
Nov 2, 2019
The cutest soundtrack for an anime... an anime in drugs :3

Anamanaguchi is a band that baffles me with their outgoing crazy electronic aesthetic. They borrow a lot of their sound from 8 bit videogames, anime and some vocaloid. I wasn't aware of their work until somebody pointed me out that they did the soundtrack for Scott Pilgrim vs The World videogame and oh boy, they were so fit. Those caothic synthesizers, the autotuned loops and some insane drumming make for an identity that's really ... read more
Oct 27, 2019
Today is Sunday, what a better way to celebrate this precious day than with a review of the new Kanye West album Jesus Is King.

Well, I decided to really put my attention to this release, I went to my nearest KFC (sorry, in Colombia there's no Chick-fil-A) and pressed play while giving myself the meal I deserve... And with every bone I was leaving on the basket, I kept thinking "wow, this does feel like going to Church", it was only 27 minutes and it felt like my whole life went by. ... read more
Oct 27, 2019
Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy love story in a contemporary setting told by the breathtaking voice of Caroline Polachek.

Love is in the corner according to this album. A statement I can guarantee it's 100% unknown and truly exciting to just think about. Maybe it's not for everybody, the romantics have extinguished from this digital era... or at least that's what we thought so. Caroline Polachek, former half of indie pop band Chairlift, comes with her debut album under her own name and throws your ... read more
Oct 26, 2019
Ok, Pitchfork, baby what is you doin'?

Appart from all of the bullshit I've heard about this album being very mid, not being scary enough, being monotone, being contrived, being gimmicky and, the worst take of all of them, having no meaning behind the words, I feel like clipping. have really come through with their most cohesive work to date and one that it's weird enough to at least make an notable impression on you.

I know some artists tend to take their concepts too far and well this isn't ... read more
Oct 22, 2019
Brittany Howard, the main vocalist of Alabama Shakes, has come-trough with her debut album and it couldn't be more sweet and soulful. It almost feels like this was released ages ago, the way she treats sound is old school, even if there's some synthesizers here and there, and some vocals risks that bring atmospheric charm in the way of rock ballads.

Jaime is named after her sister who passed away in her teenage years. Howard explains that she decided to name the album on her honor due to ... read more
Oct 22, 2019
If LSD wasn't working out last time then this time it will. Tropical Fuck Storm have made more of this crazy art punk sound a recipe for the addicted, however the formula gets stronger and more dangerous on Braindrops.

It's clear that supergroup Tropical Fuck Storm have a tendecy of going for shocking instrumentals, it's one of their strenghts and what gives them lots of personality when it comes to the genre. Those demented riffs accompanied with the shouty vocals have really cemented them to ... read more
Oct 21, 2019
Fire goes from being an abrasive red and violent yellow to turning into a white and blue celestial flame that ascends Nick Cave to what he hopes the heaven awaits for him. Ghosteen is a reminder that even in the painfullest grief, there's still something beautiful and tragic between the short-lived happy moments of life.

While arranging from a dark memory and continuing to breathe on what has become his darkest phase, Nick Cave closes these trilogy dedicated to deceased son, Arthur, in a way ... read more
Oct 18, 2019
Miami Memory plays like it was made decades ago but still showcases a lot of present topics through the eye of Alex Cameron in a sarcastic, corny and sincere manner.

The way he constructs his albums always amazes me, every song it's pretty toughtful and this album isn't the exception. From universal feelings like jealousy being the inspiration to write a response to his girlfriend ("Other Ladies") to girls that work on the sex industry and are very questioned by hypocritical men even ... read more
Oct 12, 2019
Loaded with full octane and heavy rock influences, Sound and Fury marks a departure from the usual country-related sound of Sturgill Simpson to a trip of pedal to the metal.

Simpson's voice has always captivated me more than his pars on the country genre, he seriously sounds like he was destined to his southern roots and it's alluring to listen how he constructs his projects with such detail for the lyrics, the structure, the narratives and, what has made his career so interesting, the fusion ... read more
Oct 11, 2019
A shot of nostalgia hit me on the chest when the first 30 seconds of this project came in. Emo was a part of my adolescence and maybe one of the first doors to something else that wasn't fully mainstream. Come In, however, it's nothing like I've heard before on the genre, it has this rawness that it's so beautiful and messy, like its welcome comes in the form of a warm hug filled with a cold heart.

Weatherday's project knows how to wear the influences under their sleeve, there's not a single ... read more
Oct 11, 2019
A narrative taken from one of many sci-fi space movies that have been released on this decade, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard give their version of doomsday through trash metal tropes and mostly suceed with it.

I enourmesly appreciate that they continue their message of global warming and climatic change with this release (the second this year), while Fishing for Fishies had a more intimate approach and even showed some kind of hope through all of its tongue-cheekness (if that word even ... read more
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