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Liam Payne - LP1
Liam Payne
Mar 13

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julipluseta -
Disclaimer: I am a fan, so, grain of salt. This music may not be the deepest or most transformative, not the most layered or intellectual, not the most unique or masterful, but it has more heart than one may expect from a boy-group and exudes fun and love. Take it for what it is and enjoy!

Songs (loooooooooosely) ranked w/ descriptions!

~ oh boy the 60s called and they're glad you heard their stuff (on that note, check out that 'BBC For The Love Of Music' God Only Knows cover)
~ ... read more

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julipluseta -
y'all don't appreciate the perfection of Think For Yourself, If I Needed Someone and You Won't See Me and it shows
julipluseta -
Me: *doesn't listen to psychedelic music and has never even heard of this artist*

The artist: We are Psychedelic Porn Crumpets

Me: ...

Me: you have my attention
julipluseta -
Yo imagine writing Something and Here Comes The Sun on the same album and you're not even considered in the top 2 writers in your group. H O W F R E A K I N G G R E A T M U S T T H A T G R O U P B E

I think about this a lot

PS: this album is pure awesome but She Came In Through The Bathroom Window sucks, am i alone on this one?
julipluseta -
when i first heard "i don't do what simon says" i- for the first time ever- actually choked on my drink and rewound the track because i couldn't believe it. 10/10 shade and a pretty solid pop song. all i want to add is another plea for these amazing 4, now 3, vocalists to do more acoustic stuff... my ears will thank you dearly.
julipluseta -
yo I'm just here to say Home is one of my favourite songs ever, one of my favourite love songs, and for that I think these guys are pretty cool (though admittedly I have not delved deeper into any of this band's discography)... however i straight up thought this came out in the 60s or something holy shit im such a fake fan hahahaha. this isn't even the first time this has happened, when i first heard amy winehouse i assumed she was this revolutionary icon in the 60s, i quickly learned ... read more


Apr 6, 2021
it’s the 2021 trilogy though
Apr 5, 2021
Cool. Imagine we win LaLiga this season, greatest remontada sine the 6-1
Apr 4, 2021
Hi! I will let you know the next time I binge The Beatles !
Apr 4, 2021
Yes, I am! While I'm always proud to say I am, I can now actually do so without wanting to hide afterwards
Mar 31, 2021
Wow than greetings from the motherland! Yea, you're absolutely right, the best palys I've seen were all like at universities, they often have more bravery to get creative with the source material, and I really admire that. I saw for example a brilliant Macbeth adaptaion in one of these theatres. That reminds me that I've never seen Hamlet at a theatre, even though that's my favorite Shakespeare play, I think I need to add that to my afrer-covid bucket list.
Mar 31, 2021
Oh yeah Candide is one of my favorite books, just super influential on my personal philosophy. Another one I would highly recommend is Hundred years of solitude by Marquez, or basically anything from Kafka.

Also, idk how interesed you would be, but I'm actually hungarian, so I mostly read hungarian literature. If you want to get a sample from hungarian literature, I'd say read Journey by Moonlight by Antal Szerb or Fatelessness by Imre Kertész.

An other thing that maybe kept me away from going tho theatres is that here tickets are usually expensive for concerts and palys for the average citizen, so you know, I don't have that much opportunity, I wonder what's it like in America (if you're from there anyways).
Mar 31, 2021
Thanks for the question, but actually not that much. I'm really into literature, poetry and movies, but not so much theatre. I like reading plays, but I rarely go to the theatre. However I'd like to be more well versed in that world, but I think I just haven't seeked out that much stuff yet.
Mar 25, 2021
@julipuseta sorry for the late reply, if had to pick it'd be ''His rival it seems had broken his dreams by stealing the girl of fantasy'' from the song "Rocky Raccoon"
Mar 25, 2021
Hey dude, list has finally been posted, go and check it out, and thank you for participating :)
Mar 21, 2021
An immediate lyric that came to mind is:
"Blackbird fly, blackbird fly into the light of the dark black night"


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