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Yoko Ono - Warzone
Sep 5, 2019
I've been really curious about this album ever since I heard those two awful singles way back when they came out, and when I started going through a John Lennon binge, I knew it was time to finally check out this majestic disaster.

This whole album is just re-recordings of older songs, plus a cover of John Lennon's Imagine. I have to be honest, I've heard barely any of the original versions, but somehow the few that I have heard, which were on Plastic Ono Band, are somehow worse here than they were on that album. This whole album is one big trainwreck, and funnily enough, the hilariously bad title track which became so popular for how bad it was is actually one of the BEST moments on here. Sure, it may just be a personal bias because I've listened to that song a lot because of how funny it is, but it's honestly jarring how bad the rest are when compared to that failure.

The main thing that makes this as bad as it is is Yoko's hilariously lifeless performance. Every song on here is written like it has some deep message (which, for the most part, they don't. They're all have pretty simple messages that a fucking five year old could come up with), and Yoko puts in the least amount of effort into selling these "powerful" lyrics. She sounds so out of it, like she doesn't even care about what she's talking about. Yelling at the top of your lungs every few seconds doesn't count as a passionate performance, Yoko, especially since your yelling is worse than your usual lifeless tone.

I have to be honest, I don't despise this album. It's pretty funny for its duration. But, good god, does it get painful to listen! Her "singing" can either be amusingly bad, or headache-inducingly bad. It doesn't help that there are moments where she uses effects on her voice that are even worse than her usual singing, which I think is shown worst on Hell In Paradise, a song that legitimately made me pause the album and take a break because I had the worst headache in the middle of that song. This whole album is a huge disasterpiece, and one that nobody should ever have the displeasure of hearing, but to claim that it's unenjoyable would be a lie. For an album that's a little over forty minutes long, it's fun. This is an album that I could never sit through again, but it was fun for the time it was on. It's awful, but it still isn't Unfinished Music.

Favourite Tracks: Now Or Never; Warzone; I Love All Of Me

Least Favourite Tracks: Hell In Paradise; I'm Alive; Why; I Love You Earth; Teddy Bear; Woman Power; Where Do We Go From Here; Children Power

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