Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Bandana
Jun 27, 2019 (updated Jul 4, 2019)
Edit: After giving it a few more listens, I think I may have overhyped it a bit. I loved it as much as I said for the first two or three listens, but since then this has worn off on me. I now find myself coming back to this a lot less than both Piñata and Madvillainy, and I find it difficult to actually convince myself to listen to it again. Still, this is a tremendous album and still one of the best to come out of the year so far.

Original Score: 94
Fuck Piñata. Fuck Madvillainy. Bandana gang is the way to go.

It has only been a few hours since I reviewed what I thought was my album of the year. In only a couple of hours, I found something which is better than that album. And that album is Bandana.

I'm not even a fan of hip-hop and I love this. This is one of the best hip-hop albums I've ever heard. Everything on here is fantastic. The beats; the flows; the production; Everything!

Despite its fifteen track track listing, there's never a dull moment here. It never gets tiring to listen to. This is easily one of the most consistently great hip-hop records I've ever heard. Honestly, everything but the thirty-second opener kept me interested and intrigued to see what I'll be hearing next. It was damn difficult to pick my favourites solely because I thought that every song here was so damn fun, so catchy and infectious, so amazing! If I had to pick my favourites, I'd probably go with the stretch of songs from track five to track nine, plus Education and Soul Right. However, I'd say every single song from track two onward is just as good as each other.

As mentioned before, I didn't really care for the opener. This is mainly because it isn't really a song. It's just a short introduction to the album, and I'm never a fan of those types of openers. But everything after that, it's just brilliant.

Favourite Tracks: Crime Pays; Situations; Soul Right; Fake Names; Education

Least Favourite Track: Obrigado
Jun 27, 2019
Jun 28, 2019
Idk about Madvillainy, but Pinata can FUCK OFF!
Jun 28, 2019
Bandana Gang is part of Piñata Gang. Welcome :)
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